Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

“Here’s how we’re going to do this,” you begin. “We should do a series of small bets, and you could wear something sexy while playing hostess, then head to bed. I’ll text you when I’ve lost most my poker money, and then you could come out wearing some sexy lingerie, saying you can’t sleep…”

You watch as Rachel’s eyes light up. “…And we start by letting them get a good look at you, and then start touching and feeling you up.”

“You know Ross, I don’t think I have something sexy enough for that last part, I am going to go shopping!” Your girlfriend kisses you and leaves, and comes back a couple hours later.

She refuses to let you see the lingerie, but lets you see the dress she bought to wear while playing hostess. Your jaw drops as she tries it on for you. It looks like an invitation for rape with a sheer front and no back, while barely covering her ass while she’s standing with her hands at her sides.

“Good god, Rachel, are we even going to play poker at all with you wearing that dress?” you exclaim, although the shit-eating grin you have on your face makes it hard to believe you have a problem with it.

“Oh, just wait till you see the bra!” she tells you. She puts it on, then pulls the dress back up. It’s one of those new bras with a spring frame with two pads on the top, and the pads sit on the lower sides of her breasts, pushing them up together for maximum cleavage, without any straps, and leaves her nipples and areolas uncovered. The lines on the front of the dress that aren’t see-through hide the bra spring perfectly, and your girlfriend bounces a couple times to show how supportive it is. You’re immediately so hard it’s almost painful.

“If that’s how your hostess dress is, what does that lingerie look like?” 7ou ask your girlfriend, trying to get her to try that on for you as well.

“No way mister, you’re going to have to be as surprised as the other guys,” she tells you, heading to the room to hide the box. “No peeking!”

Friday comes slowly, and your girlfriend seems both nervous and excited. As your friends arrive, you all sit in the front room waiting for everyone to arrive before heading downstairs to the poker table. Rachel serves your friends beer and whatever snacks they asked for, and you catch all of them sneaking looks at her as she’s walking around. One of them, your buddy Jamie, doesn’t even try to hide it, staring at your girlfriend’s barely covered tits.

Finally all seven of your friends are present and the poker game starts. Rachel keeps serving everyone during the game, leaning in close when she’s asking what they want, and brushing against them when she’s handing them anything. You’re pretty sure at least one of them touched her ass when they right you weren’t looking. Your girlfriend has this look, and you know how turned on by ask the attention she getting.

You manage to be doing pretty well for the first hour, and then Rachel comes down to tell everyone last call. “Last call boys, I’m heading to bed.” As she’s going up the stairs, you and everyone can see up her dress, and you wonder if the other guys can see that her panties are soaked.

You notice the guys sharing a look a couple of times, but no one seems comfortable being the first one to mention how your girlfriend looked tonight. Finally Jamie brings it up. “So, Ross, Rachel looked really dressed up for tonight, we thought you guys might be going out after this, but she said she’s heading up to bed.”

“Oh, yeah, she wanted to look nice for you guys. Since it is the first time she’s got to be a hostess for poker nights she wanted it to be memorable,” you reply, acting as nonchalant as you can.

“Well, it was definitely memorable!” Jamie exclaims, and everyone laughs.

You start losing on purpose, even folding a couple big winning hands, and a few minutes later you hear your girlfriend coming down the stairs. You see everyone’s jaws hang open, and you turn to look and see her in a see-through lingerie half robe hanging open, and a sheer, crotchless teddy that covers her whole torso, but you can clearly see everything beneath it, and two narrow strips that run parallel to her freshly shaved pussy, leaving her glistening slit completely exposed. “Babe, are you coming to bed soon? I can’t sleep.”

“I’m on my last hand, I’m pretty much out,” you reply. You turn to the guys, who quickly look down at their cards, except for Jamie who keeps staring, his eyes roaming.

After the hand is dealt Jamie raises again. You sigh and as you bet your last chips, you say, “Well guys, I’m out, it doesn’t look like I’m going to be winning my money back tonight.”

?Your girlfriend stands behind you, and then pouts. “You lost? We were going to go out tomorrow if you won.”

Jamie immediately pounces on the opportunity. “Maybe there’s something else we can do, we could deal you in and you could try to win his money back.”

“But I don’t have any money,” Rachel replies. “How would you deal me in?”

Jamie looks at the other guys with a huge grin. “Would you guys be willing to play for something other than money?” Everyone quickly agrees and Jamie explains your girlfriend can bet her robe as her entry fee.

Rachel looks at you, and after you nod she then takes it off, leaving her wearing only the crotchless teddy in front all of your friends.

The first hand is dealt, and the bet is quickly raised until all of your girlfriend’s chips are in the middle. Rachel shows her cards, a single pair of 6s. Jamie shows his cards, 3 of a kind.

“Oh no, I lost too, ” Rachel complains. “Is there anything else I can bet? I can’t take anything else off, or I’ll be naked!”

“How about sitting on the winner’s lap for the rest of the game!” one of your other friends calls out.

“Only if it’s okay with Ross.” Your girlfriend looks at you, trying to look innocent.

“I guess, but no touching!” you tell them.

The next hand she loses again, and winds up sitting in Jamal’s lap, and has to allow touching to keep playing. She loses another hand and as she sits on Jamie’s lap, he starts fondling her nipples, and fingering her exposed pussy. She moans as she is pleasured in front of everyone, moving her hips with Jamie’s fingers.

She loses another hand to Jamie and now the teddy is halfway down, exposing her bare breasts and allow him to suck on them. Rachel loses yes another hand, this time to Jamal, but now his cock is out, and you watch your girlfriend grind her pussy on a black cock for the first time. She moans loudly, and doesn’t even wait to lose another hand. She can’t seem to control herself as she rises up, then lowers herself onto his bare cock and starts riding him, not even carrying that everyone is watching her.