Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

John leads Rachel to the bathroom and you stare at your girlfriend’s form, admiring every inch of her amazingness. How her blonde hair sways back and forth across her back, her triangular tribal tramp stamp pointing down to the top of her toned asscrack and tight round ass cheeks, her strong toned athletic legs and finally her pretty feet.

You hear the shower running and consider joining them, but decide to stay in bed smelling your recent sex on your body. Besides, you’re exhausted from having had so much sex in the last twelve hours.

You hear some giggling, which then turns into moans, then you hear an “aaahhh” followed by grunts from John.

“Yes… yes… yes…” you hear Rachel say as a rhythmic thwacking sound becomes increasingly louder. The thwacks become closer and closer together until there are a dozen collective groans from the lovers in the shower. You smile, knowing your girlfriend was just inseminated by her boss again.

After checking out, John goes home to his wife and kids, and you and Rachel head back to her mother’s to pick up her boys.

She had them with her first husband who died in a car crash. Rachel doesn’t talk about it too much. But you love the boys like your own. And it looks like she will be having another man’s baby as her third child, which is okay with you. You’re just glad an amazing woman like Rachel would want to be with you.

The ride home is very quiet but Rachel holds your hand all the way there. When you get to her mother’s she turns to kiss you passionately then says, “Thank you for being such a wonderful boyfriend, Ross. This was the best experience I’ve ever had in my life.” She steps out to get the kids and you feel the deepest connection to her just then.

Rachel finds she is pregnant almost exactly thirty days from that weekend. Rachel tells John, who comes over that night to celebrate. No crazy sexual romp because the kids were upstairs sleeping, but you suggest they have celebratory sex in the living room quietly.

And they do… for three hours. John keeps his huge cock buried deep inside Rachel’s amazing pussy, pumping it full of his sperm-filled loads over and over again. You watch in loving fascination at the stamina of him, as he fills up your girlfriend with ten loads of cum. When he is done and even he can’t get his cock hard again, you kneel in front of him and suck his cock and balls clean. Then you suck and lick your girlfriend’s pussy and ass clean too, licking up all of the cum that was fucked out of her and dripped onto the floor.

John continues to visit from time to time, taking Rachel in the living room until he can’t get his cock hard again, which is almost always hours and hours of fucking.

Even when her belly begins to show, Rachel’s appetite for John’s massive cock never wanes, and neither does John’s desire to fuck her. It is one of the most incredibly sexual things you’ve ever seen, your girlfriend, pregnant with his baby, her belly grown into a half basketball, his cock plumbing the depths of her pussy and asshole. She is one of those people who doesn’t change physically except for their bellies which grow with the baby. They fuck right up until the last week before Rachel’s water breaks.

Rachel delivers a very healthy, very Asian looking baby boy. John is a regular part of his boy’s life which you appreciate because he treats your two boys like his own. Rachel is more happy than you’ve ever seen her.

A month after her third child is born, Rachel goes to the doctor, who cleared her for all regular activities including sex. Rachel and John had planned a two week-long getaway to a Caribbean island where John has a home. You drive them to the airport and tell them you hope they fuck all day long everyday and make another baby.

“Oh Ross… you are the best boyfriend a woman every had! We’ll do our best to conceive these next two weeks, we promise! We will also take lots of pictures of me filled with John’s sperm and videos of us having sex,” Rachel says to you with a warm smile.

“Don’t worry Ross… I’ll keep my cock inside her as often and for as long as possible. I packed some male fertility drugs and lots of Viagra so don’t worry about a thing!” says John as he pats your shoulder.

It makes you feel secure and confident to know Rachel and John are so happy with you. They return from their trip and give you a flash drive of more than a thousand pictures of them fucking and his cum dripping from her swollen pussy, as well as nearly a hundred hours of video. You wonder how they found any time to eat or sleep.

Rachel waits a month after returning from the vacation before she lets you start fucking her again, just to make sure the next baby in her belly belongs to John, which is just fine with you. When she tests positive for being pregnant, she happily resumes letting you use her body any way you want.

Thinking of her belly growing again with John’s second baby makes you more happy than you’ve ever been in your life. Your beautiful blue-eyed blonde haired girlfriend is letting you pretty much use her amazing body any which way you can imagine, having been liberated sexually by her intense love affair with John and his massive cock. You fuck her in every hole, using all kinds of toys and sex tools.

And you owe all of this to John. He and Rachel continue to fuck hard whenever they get together and the boys are put to bed, just like they did with their first boy.

The End