Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

It took John a few minutes of lying on Rachel’s sweaty body to recover from his massive eruption of sperm inside her. He had impregnated his wife three times with such loads, but this was the first time he had cum inside a woman and not gone soft shortly after cumming. John could feel his cock throbbing… still filled with blood.

Rachel’s body was making John feel more invigorated than he’s ever felt after sex.

Pushing up onto his elbows, John looked at Rachel’s face. She was just as sweaty as he was, her cheeks red, blotchy, and hot. She had her eyes closed and her mouth was resting in a gentle smile.

“Alright, you got twenty minutes to clean up before the next sex scene,” Mark says, sounding a bit bored.

“You’d better pull your penis out of me John. Twenty minutes sounds like a lot but it’ll go by fast, and I’m guessing I’ll have a lot of cleaning up to do before we have to do this again,” Rachel says with a brightness in her eyes.

Reluctantly, John slowly pulled his cock out of her pussy. He could feel her muscles gripping him as he moved out of her body and marveled at the feeling.

As the tip of John’s cock pulled out of Rachel’s stretched pussy with a loud sucking sound, a gush of thick white cum poured out of her. It formed into a pool of semen two inches wide in Rachel’s crack below the open hole of her well fucked pussy.

“Oh my God, John! there is so much of your cum inside me!” Rachel says as John’s cum continues to pour out of her body enlarging the pool of it below her closing pussy slit as she begins to rise. The thick white cum sticks to the skin of her crotch like glue and several dozen thick, goopy strings of it rise with her body and stretch until they begin to break. Eventually they all snap and a few tendrils of the more tenacious strings of cum dangle from her pussy lips.

“Oh John, there’s just so much…” Rachel says as she begins to walk back stage. The movement dislodged more of John’s cum still inside her pussy, which oozes out of her and drops to the floor as she walks. Rachel leaves a dollop of John’s cum that falls out of her body every few feet all the way to the bathrooms.

Rachel carefully washed herself and got herself dressed for the next scene. She barely got to the stage on time. John was there waiting and talking with Mark about the upcoming scene.

“Ah Rachel… didn’t think you’d make it. Let’s work on getting cleaned up a bit faster. Ideally we want you cleaned up, dressed and waiting for the scene at least five minutes before the scene okay?” Mark says.

“I’ll do my best Mark, but it took a long time cleaning John’s semen off of me… then it kept leaking out of me every 20-30 seconds until I gave up and got dressed. John’s semen is still leaking out me now,” Rachel says earnestly.

“Well… shit Rachel… the way I had been thinking about the sex scenes since we decided to switch to unsimulated includes plenty of cum deep inside your body in all your holes. We will be rehearsing every day like this for the next four weeks, then we are putting on the real play four nights a week as well as three matinees. There’s going to be so much of John’s cum inside you, you’ll need to start getting used to having it inside you all the time. Based on how much John came inside you earlier, your insides will be coated with his cum constantly. You’re a total slut Rachel. Isn’t it conceivable that your pussy will be dripping cum all the time?” Mark asks Rachel.

Rachel had a pretty strong reaction to Mark’s comments and question. She was pretty sure Mark was talking about her character in the play being a total slut, but it almost sounded like he was saying she was a total slut. She was making some pretty serious concessions and compromises of her core personal beliefs, including being faithful to her boyfriend, and preserving her modesty in the eyes of God, by agreeing to be naked with John, then take his enormous penis inside her mouth… to eventually taking his penis inside her unprotected vagina.

Rachel still felt very unsure about the entire situation because she was not really able to take the Plan B contraceptive for two reasons; she was deathly allergic to one of the ingredients and the Church taught her that the only acceptable form of birth control was the pull out method.

Here she was, being told that she would be filled with her boss’s highly virulent sperm-filled semen in all of her orifices all day long, all week long, all month long. Rachel wondered how she would keep from becoming pregnant with so much semen inside her vagina all the time.

“Rachel? Rachel? Still with us?” Mark says, interrupting her train of thought.

“Yes. I’m sorry. I’ll transition faster next time,” Rachel says, doing her best to please her director.

“Good. This next scene has you encountering John in the basement of your home where you tempt and invite him to fuck you again. Once John agrees, you are to lean on the stack of prop boxes over there and pull the bottom of your dress up to give John access to your pussy. John steps up, slams into you and fucks you silly until he fills you up with his cum again. He’s gonna step back so the audience can see his cum dripping out of you. You should stay in that position for at least twenty seconds while his cum drips to the floor, then finger fuck yourself for a minute, then pull your dress down and lean against the stack of boxes when a pair of other actors enter the scene. You all go through the rest of the fifteen minute scene and when you think the other actors aren’t looking, you lift up the back of your dress to show John the mess of cum on your pussy at least three times. Got it?” Mark directs.

Rachel slowly nods her head and moves into position. Taking a deep breath, Rachel searches deep inside herself and manages to get into the acting. Having John as the other actor helped, not only because he was a man she deeply respected and had strong feelings for, but also because he was an excellent actor and made her acting better. John’s acting is so good that Rachel is able to get so lost in her role she forgot about the sex at the end of the acting.

Even at the point in the scene where she turns around and pulls up her dress, Rachel is still lost in the role. It’s not until she feels the hot tip of John’s huge penis pressed up against her tiny slit that Rachel remembered she was about to have sex again for the second time in 40 minutes.

As John pushed into her body Rachel thought she would be more prepared to accept his manhood inside her again but as John’s girth stretched her vagina, Rachel gripped the edge of the prop boxes so hard her fingers hurt. In this position, John’s penis inside her felt like someone had shoved their entire arm inside her. It took air breath away as well as her ability to speak. It was a good thing she had no lines during the sex scenes because the only thing she could say anything about was how John’s penis made her feel.

“Oh God John… you are stretching me so much. You are so deep… it feels like you’re in my womb… nnnggghhhh… fuck me John… fuck me…” Rachel says. Rachel is not sure why she was talking like this, but with John’s penis fully inside her, and his large heavy testicles slapping her clitoris and pubic bone, Rachel’s mind took a sultry turn.

“Yeah Rachel… take my cock. Take this cock deep inside your pussy. I claim this pussy as my own! I will possess it with my sperm!” John says and saws in and out of her in a steady but quick pace.

John surprisingly does not last very long and after only two minutes, erupts into her vagina, pushing into her fully before releasing his sperm at the entrance to her womb. Rachel felt John’s hard penis expanding rhythmically as he pumped her full of his sperm. Rachel just could not believe how much semen John was able to produce again after just having produced so much before.

Having spent himself deep inside his amazing employee’s body for the second time in 45 minutes, John is amazed that his penis remains mostly hard. He begins to pull out when Mark interjects.