Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Wanna try something g bigger?” John asks as you watch him struggling to fish out the pickling cucumber from inside your girlfriend’s pussy.

“Sure, but can we get that cucumber out of me first, John?” Rachel asks in a sensuous voice.

John at first uses two fingers, but can’t seem to get it out, so he inserts a third finger. It’s still doesn’t seem enough as his fingers push into your girlfriend’s blonde pussy so hard and deep his third knuckles are inside her.

“Shit Rachel, your pussy is so damn deep. The cucumber is so far inside you I’m having trouble getting a grip on it. I’m gonna try another finger and try getting deeper inside you,” John says as his pinky finger enters the fray in her pussy.

“Oh my god… it hurts!” Rachel says as you watch John’s strong hand disappear inside your girlfriend’s twitching pussy up to the thumb. You can see John rocking his hand in as far as it will go without putting his thumb inside her.

“Fuck Rachel, I still can’t get it. Im gonna have to put my whole hand inside!” John says and pulls back slightly to position his thumb.

“Oh my God, John! No please! I haven’t felt this kind of pain since I delivered my two boys!”

Not listening to your girlfriend, her boss pushes his entire hand inside her quivering pussy. Her blonde pubic hairs are all standing on end as if they were electrified. You move in closer so you can see her flat lower belly bulging out from the giant fist inside her body.

You go back around to see the penetration and your girlfriend’s pussy lips are tightly wrapped around his thick wrist. His wrist must be nearly twice as thick as yours.

Rachel is all tied up so she can’t move but she’s training so hard she shits.

“Oh my God, Ross… please… I need you to clean me up. I just shit myself!” your lovely girlfriend asks as she breathes deeply, trying to mitigate the pain in her pussy.

You don’t reply but reach across and grab the still extruding log of shit from her ass and patiently wait for her to finish pooping on your hand.

When she’s done you dispose of the shit and return with a wet wipe to clean her up.

John has fished out the embedded cucumber and is holding it in his hand.

“Oh thank you, John! That was so intense. Your fist inside me was so big.”

“You’re welcome, Rachel. Still up to trying something bigger inside your pussy?” he asks your sweating girlfriend.

“Sure. What do you have in mind?” Rachel asks her boss.

John looks over at the vegetable assortment and picks up a smallish butternut squash. It’s about three inches in diameter at the bottom where it’s ball shaped, and the long skinny part is about an inch in diameter, with the entire thing being about twelve inches long from tip to tip.

“How about this butternut squash?” John asks with a smile.

“We can try John…” Rachel says with a hint of fear in her voice.

Although you kinda want to stop her boss from shoving anything else into your girlfriend’s little pussy, she did ask for this as her top sexual fantasy…

John lubes up her pussy by sticking the tip of the lube bottle into her pussy and squeezing until the liquid spills out of her in a stream. Then he lines up the butternut squash. Maybe it was his giant fist inside her a couple minutes ago or the liberal aunt of lube, but with a modest amount of pushing, her pussy lips stretch and open up to allow the ball end of the squash to be pushed into her by her boss. Her pussy lips slide over the wide part and regain some of their color as the thinner part of the vegetable reaches her lips. You look under her again to see the ball end moving across her belly. Your cock is so fucking hard you yank it out and start jerking off.

John continues to push until only about inch is outside her pussy. No matter how hard he pushes, it’s not going any further. John continues trying anyway and only stops when he moves her and the platter several inches across the table.

“I guess that’s as far as it’s gonna go!” John says with his forehead glistening. When he turns to see you yanking your cock he asks, “Mind if I get naked and yank my cock too? This is some unexpectedly hot shit!

“Go right ahead John. Feel free to free your little guy,” you encourage the big Asian man.

Boy how wrong you were about the word “little.” John’s cock is as long as the butternut squash and thicker than the long thin part of the vegetable.