Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eppient...)

Rachel looks at you horrified. Her story has just been blown out of the water. You look at Jamie. “Er, what do you mean?” you ask. Feigning ignorance hopefully will get you through this.

“I thought the letter that got posted through the door was just a weirdo but now you’ve got me thinking,” he says, handing you a pice of paper. “Were you here the other night ?”

You ignore Jamie as you quickly scan the letter. Thanks for the show last night, your wife is some slut. You couldn’t fail to see we were at home from your kitchen windows. Getting eaten out and then rammed like that. I got it on video and watched it for hours but I’d prefer to see it in person. Happy to share it with you or post it on the local Facebook Group? Let me know by the 5th, Paul, then his number. Text me.

Rachel looks at you desperately. “Well?”

“He says he has a video of people fucking on… when did you get this?”

Jamie naturally confirms it was yesterday and so it does tie in with you and Rachel.

“Well it’s all lies then, ignore it. Look we have to go, sorry again,” Rachel says, rushing past you both. You quickly follow her.

As soon as you get home Rachel turns to you. “What the fuck are we going to do?”

As you stand there in a panic she continues, “I can’t believe he recorded us and Jamie saw us fucking as well. He called me a slut and I am. A dirty slut, I’m so sorry. How are we going to sort this out?”

“I didn’t get his number but I can work out which door is his. I could go around and have a chat to him. Make him see sense.”

Rachel laughs. “Ross, you aren’t the biggest of guys you aren’t going to intimidate him. What are you going to do? We haven’t money to bribe him.”

You look at Rachel, shake your head wearily and sit deflated in the armchair.

“I’ll go” Rachel says. “I have a plan. He’s bound to be married, Probably kids as well, like everyone else. That’s why he wants a text, I bet she doesn’t know. If he won’t give me the video, I’ll take a selfie in his house and tell him that I’ll tell his wife we are having an affair if he releases it.”

Rachel looks at you hopefully. You run the idea through your head, it’s not a bad plan to be fair.

Rachel nods. “Right. I need to get dressed. Leggings and a top. Something I can pull down take a photo when he’s not looking or distracted or strip in the bathroom quickly.”

It’s not yet 8:30 in the morning and Rachel is ready to leave. “Should I come with you?” you offer.

“You can’t can you? I have to let him think we will go along with his plan and I’m there to find out what it is. I will need time to think about it which gives me the exit. Hopefully we will be okay.”

Rachel pecks you on the lips, her braless tits press against you as you hold her close. “Good luck,” you say as the door shuts behind her.