Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

John climbs up onto the bed like a predator, his body moving lightly and his muscles rippling. He grabs your girlfriend’s limp hips pulls them up and pushes her knees under. Lining up his giant cock at the entrance to her pussy, John pushes into your girlfriend’s depths in one smooth stroke.

John pulls Rachel’s pussy off slowly, and slams her back down onto him, repeating over and over and over again. All that Rachel can do is moan, gripping the sheets tightly with her little hands. Her tight scrunched up face combined with her groaning makes your cock leak.

A few minutes into fucking your girlfriend, John pulls his cock out of her pussy and lines it up with her virgin asshole.

“Oh my God master, no one has ever been in there before, including my boyfriend!” moans Rachel as she turns her head to look at the man about to deflower her anus.

“Just hold still, my little blonde breeder, ” John says as he starts pushing into your girlfriend’s tight little pucker.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…” Rachel says with her eyes open wide.

John pushes into your girlfriend’s asshole inch after inch until her tight little pucker is squeezing the base of his shaft. Her breathing comes in short quick rasps as she tries to adjust to losing her anal virginity to her boss.

John pushes into her then pulls back, making the skin around her anus pull back with the shaft. He pushes into her again and pulls back slowly again and her skin pulls back around the shaft once again. He fucks Rachel’s no-longer-virgin of asshole in this way for the next ten minutes.

You look at your girlfriend’s face and it looks like she has adjusted because she no longer looks like she’s in incredible pain. She actually looks like she might be enjoying the ass-fucking. It is at this moment that John starts to speed up, his cock disappearing deep inside your girlfriend’s poop chute faster and faster.

Rachel’s moans become longer deeper and louder as John continues to fuck her faster and faster. Ten minutes later, Rachel is saying, “ah ah ah ah ah ah…” in time to John’s thrusts. You see John’s massive testicles pull up against the base of his massive cock as it disappears over and over again into your girlfriend’s asshole.

“Fuck this asshole is amazing. Get ready for my seed, my little sex slave.!” John says as he pushes into her one last time and empties the contents of his balls into her bowels.

Rachel’s body is pinned under his but still shaking so violently from her orgasm that John looks like he’s riding a bucking bronco. Somehow he manages to keep his cock buried inside her asshole ash she comes down from her orgasm.

“Thank you, John. Thank you for showing me what a good little slave I could be for you. I love your cock deep inside me, filling me with your sperm. I am so thankful my boyfriend made me do this. If you hadn’t given me permission to become your sex slave, I know I would’ve gone to hell, ”Rachel says to her boss who still has his giant cock embedded balls-deep inside her.

“Rachel, I am going to fuck you every day, many times each day and keep you pregnant with my children for a very long time,” says John.

You come so hard that several jets of your cum splashes onto your face, onto the desk, onto the floor and all over your legs. When you are finished you sink into your chair and pass out.