Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eppient...)

You wake around 10am the next morning as Rachel lowers herself onto your face. “Morning sleepyhead,” she says. “Lick me.”

As you stretch your tongue upwards you are surprised as she moves her pussy lips away from you. As you try and follow you realize you can’t as she lowers her puckered asshole down onto you.

You realize what Rachel is after and start to lick and kiss her asshole.

“If you get me wet enough, you can enter me that way, ” you hear above you. Your cock aches so much you just want to cum. As you lick and suck Rachel grinds her ass into your face.

After a few minutes she moves off you and gets onto the floor on all fours with her boobs touching the floor and her ass sticking upwards.

“Fuck me, get me ready for Dave,” she says. As you try to enter her, Rachel pulls away. “Put it in my ass and don’t be gentle. Dave won’t be and he’s much bigger than you. I need the practice.”

You slide your hard cock into your girlfriend’s tight asshole. The feeling is incredible and it only takes a few minutes before you are ready to cum. “Push your cock deeper,” Rachel begs but you are up to the hilt as is. You can’t give any more.

Suddenly you feel your orgasm coming and you go to pull out. “Cum up my ass, don’t pull out.” You spasm as you empty deep within your girlfriend’s ass.

As you pull out Rachel groans. “Oh that felt good, I can’t wait until later. Lie down next to me.”

As you do as you are told Rachel again straddles your face and forces your mouth onto her ass as your cum slowly trickles put. As you lick and suck Rachel you can hear her moaning above you.

Rachel suddenly moves and grinds her cunt onto your mouth and violently rides your tongue until she orgasms. When she eventually rolls off you she smiles at you. “Get into bed. I have bought you a gift.”

Puzzled, you get back into bed naked and Rachel crawls in beside you and grabs your phone. As you watch she opens up the App for the local cinema. “I know you want to see this so I’ve bought you a ticket.” As you look at the phone you can see it’s the latest blockbuster you really want to see. It’s not up Rachel’s street so you are surprised she’s bought them for you.

“Thanks darling that’s really nice, when are we going?”

“I don’t want to see it, you know it’s not my thing, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing it. It’s booked for today at 2:30.”

You look at Rachel. “But isn’t Dave coming around this afternoon?”

Rachel smiles. “Yes, don’t worry about him. I’ll look after him and if you do what you just did as well as that you will get to clean me up when you get home. Love you!”

With that Rachel jumps out of the bed and heads for a shower.

So your girlfriend is planning on sending you to the cinema while she fucks your friend with a big cock.