Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Rachel, your blow job is fantastic, but I want to feel my cock deep inside you. Please lay on your back on the bed and spread your legs,” Joe said. Good thing he’s recording this because if it all came back to him and he was accused of raping her, he’d have this video to contradict that accusation.

No bloodwork or any other public ally known test could detect the chemical the government made. It would be his word against hers and this video shows she was a very willing participant.

Rachel then makes her way over to the bed and lies down spread eagled on her back, her legs spread slightly waiting. “I’m ready for you to come over here and put your penis deep inside me… just so you know… I am not on birth control of any kind.”

“I understand you’re not on birth control but I intend to fuck you over and over again, filling up your pussy with my sperm each time… get ready and open your legs wide so I can start fucking my babies into your belly!”

“Thank you. I’m ready Joe. Come make love to me… please,” Rachel says and adds the please as she was always taught to be polite and say please and thank you.

Joe smiled at her words. He couldn’t have said it better himself. Climbing on the bed and positioning his big tool at the entrance to her sex, Joe grabs her smooth toned legs by the back of her knees and spreads them as wide as he can.

Joe marveled at her flexibility when he was able to press her legs down in an apparent split. Her pussy lips spreading as her crotch was pulled open wide from the motion.

Joe could see the moist inner pink folds of Rachel’s small tight pussy glistening. Leaning back and grabbing his phone, he pans up and down her body to get her face and her other parts recorded so he could see his handiwork over and over again. Joe made sure to get close ups of her perfect and pristine pussy, asshole, boobs and face.

Lining up his now cum dripping cock at her pussy entrance, Joe pressed into her and his cock was immediately surrounded by an intense pressure and heat like he’d never felt before in any other woman. Rachel was a very special one Joe knew in that instant.

Not wanting to miss anything, he sets up the phone for best angle and presses himself into her until he just can’t go any more. His balls resting on her tight anal pucker he could feel her vaginal walls pulsing around his shaft, massaging and welcoming him inside.

“Oh my God Joe. You fill me so much. No man has ever made me feel this full and satisfied. Please come kiss me and make love to me…” Rachel says in what sounds like a sexy drawl but is in reality a drug induced stupor, her brain acting out suggestions implanted by him earlier in some conversation.

Not wanting to let her down, Joe begins to pump his cock in and out of this woman, making her groan and moan with each thrust.

Back in the train, you get another announcement from the conductor. “I’m sorry folks, but the repair crew found a critical piece missing and have to go back to the station to get another one. It’s gonna add at least another hour before they can get back here. We are truly sorry for the delay.”

Fuck! you think and send Rachel a text. “Im sorry I was just told it would take much more time. Maybe you should just go to the room and I’ll meet you there?”

She doesn’t respond and after a while you figure she probably got drunk and went to the room anyway. You lean your head against the headrest and fall asleep with your arms folded across your chest.