Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Apa...)

“I think you, honey,” you say.

“Good answer!” your girlfriend replies as she undresses and gets on all fours, asking for doggy. You waste no time and start fucking Rachel from behind.

“Keep fucking me, Ross, show my sister how good you can fuck! Oh yes! Harder baby! Fuck me!”

You look Janine while you fuck her sister.

“Suck her tits while you fuck me!” Rachel commands as Janine takes off her bra and puts her nipples in your mouth. “Tell him to how you like it,” Rachel tells her sister.

“Suck my big tits, Ross. Bite my nipples! I like it rough,” Janine says.

You start fucking your wife harder. “Fuck! I’m cumming!” she screams as she cums. After she has recovered she says, “Your turn sis.” She winks at you. “How do you wanna fuck her, honey?”

Before you can reply Janine says, “I wanna ride him.”

You immediately lie on your back as Rachel’s sister climbs on top and slides your cock into her wet pussy. “Fuck!” she moans and starts to ride you.

“Do you like this honey, my sister riding your cock?” Rachel asks before whispering something to her sister.

“You like fucking me, Ross,” Janine says. “My big tits bouncing. Fuck me, fuck your future sister-in-law as your girlfriend watches!” She leans forward and kisses you. Rachel is smacking her ass as she rides you. “Fuck me, Ross, don’t stop!”

Janine bounces harder and cums. She immediately sucks her juice from your dick and bends over. “Fuck me from behind and cum all over my big ass!”

You start fucking her from behind.

“Give it to me!Fuck me as I bounce my ass on that cock!”

Your girlfriend has also bent over next to her sister and says, “Cum on our asses” as she shakes her behind. “You like how Ross fucks you, sis?”

“Fuck yes, your boyfriend fucks me so good!”

“Fuck her harder than you fuck me, Ross,” commands Rachel. “Cum on our butts!”

You unload your white, gooey cum all over their asss.

“I’ve always thought about this,” Janine says.

“I’m sure Ross has too,” your girlfriend replies.