Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by VCG...)

The house shakes around you and then with a pop is totally gone. You and Rachel are no longer in your bedroom and rather in an open park, floating in the air where the second floor of your house used to be. In an almost Looney Tunes fashion, the moment you realize the two of you are airborne, gravity seems to come back online and you both fall to the grass below, landing with a thud but, fortunately, no broken bones.

You get to your feet and dust yourself off, looking around to figure out where — and when — you are. It quickly comes to you as you recognize your surroundings; you’re in the park of your university campus, during the biggest rager the uni had ever seen. The whole student body is out in force: a whole school’s worth of drunk 18 to 20-somethings looking to fuck or get fucked. You know Rachel’s younger self is here somewhere, as is your younger self, and all the students you had class with. Even some of the teachers showed up, if you recall correctly, and were more than willing to participate in the night’s activities. Looking back, this night was basically a campus-wide orgy with all inhibitions thrown out the window.

Rachel stands up beside you.

“Right, let’s go bury my head in my own young cunt, shall we?” she says and starts to march off towards the epicentre of the party, the huge dorm house next to the central park. You grab her arm and stop her.

“Wait a minute. How did this happen? I thought you needed me to steal some uranium?” you question.

She shrugs. “I guess you did, or future you did at least. Whatever, there’s pussy to eat and I’m fucking starving. You can come with me and watch or find something else to stick your dick in. There must be someone here you wish you’d had the chance to fuck the first time around, right Ross? Come on, I know exactly where I am right now.”

She wasn’t wrong, there were a few names you never got to cross off your list and it sounds like you’ve just been given a free pass to enjoy yourself. You mull it over but, for now, stick with your girlfriend and follow her into the dorm house.

Inside, the rooms and corridors are overflowing with hot, young, horny students, several of them barely dressed or totally naked. None of them seem bothered by the older strangers who have joined the fray, if anything they seem welcoming, hungry for the older, more experienced lovers suddenly on offer. Some people have already started fucking out in the open and you see a girl you recognize, Tegan, dressed in her cheerleader uniform getting fingered up against the wall by a guy you think you remember from the rugby team. She locks eyes with you, almost begging you to join with them. Her gaze moves down to your stiffening penis. She licks her lips and mouths the word “wow.” Only now do you fully realize that both you and your girlfriend are butt naked and thank your blessings you time-travelled to an orgy. You leave her for now, but make a mental note of where she was and how eager she looked to get some of your older cock.

Rachel leads you into the main hall of the building where a whole bunch of students are dancing to music you remember from your younger days.By the looks of the people in this room, while the party might have started here the fucking fell in around it. The dancers are all still dressed and, while bumping and grinding up against each other, aren’t as hands-on as everyone else in the house seems to be. In the crowd, you spot her. Rachel, around a decade younger than she is now, dances with her hands in the air. She’s dressed in a tight black dress which shows off her firm tits and long, sexy tanned legs. You stiffen at the sight of her, undeniably even hotter then than she is now. You wish you’d gotten to fuck that version of her the first time you were here but unfortunately, the chance hadn’t come up then. Judging by how put together she looks, you guess no one else has gotten to her yet either, meaning your girlfriend might end up being the first person to fuck this version of her at this party.

“Watch this,” your Rachel (future Rachel) whispers in your ear and she breaks away, easily making her way through the throng of people straight for her younger self. She comes up behind her and reaches a hand around, groping her own tits and kissing her younger self’s neck. Younger Rachel closes her eyes in pleasure and rubs up against the person she can feel behind her, with no idea of their true identity. Future Rachel snakes her other hand around and grabs past Rachel by the other tit and pulls her younger self tight against her. She staggers her legs so young Rachel’s are between her and starts to grind her pussy against her younger’s self’s bare leg. Her younger self takes one of future Rachel’s hands off her tit and pulls it up to her mouth. She slides the thumb past her lips and sucks on it.

There’s a flash of light from outside, just like the one from your house that transported you here and your attention snaps away from the two Rachels for a second. You look out the window but see nothing so turn back at your girlfriend. The younger Rachel has turned around to face her older self and the two are face to face, dancing while grinding against each other and making unblinking eye contact. In the dark room, you can’t tell if the younger Rachel has any idea the woman she is dancing with is her older self but if she is, she’s as turned on by it as your girlfriend is. The younger Rachel grabs the older by the face and pulls her into a long, deep kiss.

After a while, she pulls back and moves her attention to future Rachel’s tits. She takes one in her hand and places her lips gently against it, taking the nipple into her mouth and sucking on it, swirling her tongue around the hard nub. She repeats the process with the other breast. You see her snake a hand up future Rachel’s bare legs and to her pussy, where she slides a single digit inside. Even in the loud room, you can hear your girlfriend gasp with absolute ecstasy in response. She leans forward and whispers something to her younger self you can’t hear and a moment later, the two move off hand in hand through the crowd and out a door on the far end of the room. The main event is about to begin.

As you go to follow them, you see someone else walk into the room through the way you came and a flash of memory hits you. This is when your younger self first arrived at the party, horny and angry after your then-girlfriend dumped you moments earlier. Sure enough, it’s yourself you saw walk into the room, only around a decade younger than you are now. Not far behind past you, you can see your then-girlfriend Taylor making her way out of the party. As you recall, she was the only person in the whole university who wanted no part in the massive orgy and left right after breaking up with you for bringing her in the first place. The prudish bitch wanted to wait until marriage; even you didn’t get to fuck her after years of dating.

Then another figure moves into view. Someone you know you have never seen before yet looks so familiar. A young woman with a striking resemblance to both your girlfriend and yourself, almost as though she was a mix of the two. She is dressed slutty, going for a hot biker chick sort of look. Her punk rock hair, jet black lipstick and the scaffolding piercings in her ears just scream “daddy issues.”

You remember Rachel gave you a free pass to do whatever (slash whoever) you wanted tonight and as much as seeing her go down on her younger self turns you on, a few other interesting options have presented themselves.