Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

“Can you handle a Mummy?,” your girlfriend’s mother asks. You grin at her and sit on the couch, tapping your lap. She gets off her daughter’s body and walks over to you. She straddles you and sits down, guiding your erection inside her warm, wet pussy. You both moan as she takes you all the way inside her, till her taint is resting on your balls. You place your hands on her soft hips and say, “Damn, that’s a good pussy.”

Ashley smiles at you and starts riding you slowly. You bury your face in her bouncing breasts — licking and sucking them for a while. “That’s it — worship Mummy’s breasts,” she says as she rides you. Then you make out with your girlfriend’s hot mom and slip a finger inside her butt, making her gasp in pleasant surprise.

“How is he, Mummy?,” your girlfriend asks, hugging her mother from behind. “Is he hitting the spot?,” she whispers in her neck.

“Oh he’s so good, baby — so good!”

While your girlfriend makes out with her mother, her sister Janine sits beside you on the couch and pushes her tongue into your mouth. She grabs one of your hands and puts it on her hot pussy. You start fingering her as she kisses your neck and caresses your chest.

“Is Mummy ready to come?” you ask Ashley.

“Oh yes, Daddy,” she replies.

You grab her hips and roll over so you’re on top of her on the couch. Before she can react, you start hammering into her ruthlessly. In moments, she screams, arches her body against you, pulls you inside her, and cums all over your cock. She shivers beneath you as you finish fucking her. And because you’re a gentleman, you kiss her on the cheek before pulling out of her limp, sweaty body.

There’s only one woman left in the room you haven’t fucked yet — and she looks ravenously horny, sitting on the couch and rubbing herself while staring at you.

“Since you’ve been so patient,” you tell your girlfriend’s sister, “I’ll let you choose. Which way do you want it?”