Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel still has her eyes closed and is deep breathing as Paul and Dan high five each other for fucking your girlfriend into a stupor. Then you realize John is massaging her tits in his hands as his cock pumps in and out of her cum-leaking pussy. John is fucking your girlfriend again! “Incredible stamina!” you say to yourself out loud.

Paul and Dan both turn and remark when they notice too.

“Damn John, how are you keeping that huge cock hard after fucking her so many times already?” Paul asks.

“I guess this is the real reason they call you the big boss!” Dan says almost at the same time.

“Oh John, your hard cock feels so wonderful inside this little pussy!” Rachel says uncharacteristically. She is usually the paradigm of ultra-conservative Catholic virtues.

“It’s your magical pussy, Rachel. It’s so damn tight and deep enough to take my entire cock to the hilt. I’ve never had a woman who could take my entire cock and grip it like you do!” John says as his pumping intensifies.

“I had no idea my little pussy could take such a huge cock inside it, or grip your cock like it does. Ross never mentions anything about my pussy muscles gripping him when he fucks me… but maybe it’s because he is so much smaller than you?” your girlfriend says, her face, neck and chest blotchy, pink, and sweaty.

Beads of sweat are rolling down her lower back over her tribal tramp stamp and collecting at the little dimples at the top of her ass crack before dripping down her crack and on to John’s thick shaft thrusting in and out of her.

John pulls your girlfriend’s chest down to his head even as his cock’s thrusting becomes more urgent. He clamps down on one tit, completely sucking in her entire areola into his mouth and sucking at her like a newborn babe. It makes her moan like a ghost.

Within a minute, John switches tits and speeds up his cock pumping into Rachel even more. His cock is nearly a blur, and his huge balls flip up and down smacking her asshole and cheeks each time he pushes into her fully.

You can see a pink ring around her areola from the powerful suction of his mouth on her tit.

“Nngghhh! Gggrrr! Fuck! Take that cum! Uugghhh!” John grunts over and over again as he bucks into your girlfriend and fills her with yet another load of his potent sperm-filled cum.

“Oh my God John… how are you cumming in me again?” Rachel manages to say before her body is wracked in twitching spasms of a powerful orgasm. She looks like she is having a seizure with her tight little pussy clamped around his thick shaft keeping her in place like an anchor.

When they are done coming into and all over each other, Rachel rolls off her boss’s cock and lays on her back with her legs splayed out to either side. Her pussy is oozing John’s thick white cum in a river of semen. The lewdness makes your cock burst for the last time of the night into your pumping fist.

“I think I’m all done big boss! You guys totally fucked me raw!” Rachel says in between deep breaths, her entire body glowing and glistening from the exertion. Her dirty blonde hair is matted against her face and she might actually be drooling a bit from one corner of her mouth. She doesn’t seem to notice.

“Yeah Rachel… I think I’m done too. We will see you in the morning. Let’s do this again tomorrow. We have a light conference day so we can start even earlier than today so we have more time to fuck your brains out! I have some ideas about what we can do to you!” John says and reaches over to grip your girlfriend’s tit.

It makes Rachel giggle like a schoolgirl and swat his hand away, suddenly looking shy. You wonder why she might feel shy after she let these guys throat fuck her, take her anal cherry, and fill her pussy with multiple loads of sperm-filled cum, inseminating her ineffectively because of the planB (oh, how wrong you and Rachel are!)

“Have to check with Ross about to tomorrow night’s performance but I’m almost certain he would love to see even more tomorrow! Thanks for helping me with the sexting experiment with my boyfriend Ross!” Rachel says and gives each of the men a long, tongue-swirling kiss as she sees them out of her room.