Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

Your girlfriend notices your hard dick and smiles, giving you a sexy look. “Lie on your back, Ross,” she tells you.

You do so obediently, curiosity holding your attention. Rachel then gets on top of you, reversed with her seven inches dangling in your face.

“Are you ready babe?” Rachel asks softly.

You nod with your mouth wide open as far as it can go. Your girlfriend lowers her dick slowly into your gaping mouth, then all of a sudden shoves all seven inches in at once. You gag and almost throw up.

Rachel laughs, pulling her member out of your throat. “Sorry I just couldn’t help it, seeing as how you have done the same thing to me on multiple occasions.”

“A little warning next time would be nice!” you cough.

“Yes, yes. Now, for real this time,” she says as she turns her attention to your dick. “Let’s both enjoy the rest of the night together.”