Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

“Do you remember how you wanted to be my slave?” you ask.

A grin spreads across Rachel’s face as she nods enthusiastically.

You pull out a small bottle of pills and give it a little shake. “Take two of these a day.”

Your girlfriend looks hesitant, but seeing the hungry look in your eyes she accepts and takes a pill. Over the next week her breasts begin to enlarge and her nipples become overly sensitive and always stiff and erect.

One day you find Rachel rubbing her huge tits. “They are just too sore in this bra,” she explains.

“Why don’t you take it off and wear your tank top?” you suggest.

The next morning everything has paid off. Rachel wakes up with her tank top soaked through and the wet see-through fabric is clinging to her.

“What the hell?” she mutters. “I’m lactating. Is this because of those pills?”

“Here let me show you.” You pull up the top and then slowly caress both full jugs. Rachel responds with a sexy moan and a small bucking.

“Oh that’s feels so good!”

You slowly move your fingers around her large erect nipples. You give each breast a firm squeeze. Your girlfriend screams in ecstasy as milk streams out of her.

She tries to catch her breath. “I think I came a little.”

You tease her tits a little more as her hand moves down her chubby belly to slide her panties down. She begins fingering herself as you gently fondle more milk from her nipples. After all that teasing you finally take one nipple in your mouth and give a good long suck. Rachel moans loudly and starts to buck under you. She starts rubbing her pussy faster and faster and you let the nipple pop out of your mouth just as she cums.

Milk explodes out of her instantly, drenching her, and pussy juices splash everywhere between her working fingers. Rachel has never squirted before. Milk covers her chest and belly while lady-jizz trickles down her legs.

“If you liked that, you’ll love what I have planned next,” you smile.