Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

The next morning when you wake up, Rachel is already dressed and has the coffee going. You kiss her good morning and ask her, “What’s up? Dressed and ready so early?”

“Remember, I’m going in early today. We have that call early, and I need to help make sure we have the stuff together.” Your eyes run up and down your girlfriend’s hot body — she’s more professionally-dressed than usual, in a business suit, although the jacket is draped over the chair with her purse and keys and computer bag, so her top for now is a nice button-up blouse.

After eating something light, she pours herself some coffee to go, and looks at you with a weird look. “I have something to ask you.”

“Oh, again? After last night’s… fantasy foot stuff, I can’t wait.”

“Don’t think I’m weird.”

“I think you’re weird. That’s why I love you.”

“Last night I was so horny, and when we actually did it, afterward I was maybe even more horny, and I’m horny this morning.”

“Ooooh, a quickie before you go?” Your dick is already stiffening. “I think he might be up for it!”

“Yes, but not exactly, it’s dirty, but I really want to do it, after the stocking thing last night. I thought about your cum on my stockings, then maybe you cumming on my clothes in other ways…”


“I feel like ‘wearing’ your cum, even in public, but not where people can see. Will you… jerk off into my bra?”

You audibly gasp, truly shocked that she would say that.

“I don’t know why, and it’s icky, but I really think it would be hot to go around all day knowing that your cum is in my bra.”

“Wow, that’s, um, cray-zee… but I think it would be hot too.”

Your girlfriend grabs your dick through your boxers. “Hurry up, you don’t want to make me late, do you?” She pulls down your boxers and wiggles your still-not-all-the-way-stiff prick. “Looks like he needs a little help waking up!” She kneels on the kitchen floor, sucking your dick into her mouth and making quick long bobbing motions, like she’s jerking you but using her mouth to do it. You love the feeling of your dick growing into a full hard-on while it’s in her mouth.

“Jack off for me, Ross,” she instructs, unbuttoning her blouse. Watching as she removes it and lays it on the counter, you easily stroke your saliva-covered cock with long hard but slow strokes. She returns to you, squats, and sucks you some more, grabbing it to jack you off with her hand as she licks and sucks the tip. Stopping the sucking but continuing to jerk you, she says, just in case the excitement has messed up your brain, “You have to tell me before you cum.”

“Oh yes, I want to get it all in your bra.”

She sucks some more, faster, continuing to jerk. Pulling her mouth off again, she says, “You have to jerk it till you cum. You have to hold it to control it.”

You agree. Another minute of quickie blowjob, and you are ready. “Okay, okay, here it comes.”

Rachel detaches her mouth and kneels as you grab your dick and jerk off at her. “Put in here,” she says, pulling the cup of her bra away from her tit. The sight of her erect nipple pushes you over the edge. You squat the best you can and stick the head of your dick inside her bra, now rubbing the sensitive tip on her nipple. “Yes, Ross, fuck that titty, fucking cum in that titty-filled bra.” She closes her hands tightly around your dick as you release, shooting your warm sperm into her clothing. “Oh I feel it! Oh it’s so messy!”

“UUUuhhhh,” you cry out, more warm, thick cum flowing forth out of the end of your dick as she keeps the fabric of her bra wrapped tightly around it.

“That’s it, yeah,” she approves. “Fill my bra with your messy cum. Make it all messy in there.” After a minute of slow stroking, she lets go carefully and takes a peek. Satisfied that there isn’t any more coming out, she removes your penis, being sure to move slowly and not drip anything. You hand her a tissue you pluck from the box that’s fortunately within reach.

“Oh, thank you!” She wipes. “That could have been bad.” Standing up, she adjusts her bra, and runs her fingers underneath just to be sure nothing is seeping out. Now she relaxes. “Omigosh, it worked! Yay!”

“Yay!” you repeat back to her. “I gotta admit, that was super fun.”

“I would give you a high five, but, I don’t want to jostle anything. I wasn’t sure that would work, but, hey, you did it just right!” She does give you a kiss, though. Looking all over her front, she asks, “do you see anything? Any drips?”

She’s all clean, but grabs a few tissues, “just in case!” She carefully puts her blouse back on and buttons it up, unzipping her skirt to tuck it in and zipping it back up. Then she grabs her keys, purse, computer bag, and jacket, heading for the door. Swinging it open, she turns back to you and blows you a kiss. “Thank you , darling, it was great, but I gotta go!” You try to reply, but she’s already rushing out the door, her little butt swaying back and forth in her attractive skirt, her bra full of your cum.