Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You lift Rachel down from the counter and turn her halfway around. Her legs are open shoulder-width apart, so you straddle her legs with yours out beyond hers, and push your rock-hard cock up to her waiting slit. After a couple pushes, the tip pierces the opening between her labia, and the entire length follows it all the way up inside, her wetness making this about the easiest insertion you can remember. You pump her full of cock for a minute, then she adjusts herself to try to get her legs on the outside of yours. Without withdrawing, you lift one of her legs as she leans toward the counter, so now you are between her legs with her standing on one and you holding the other out wide. You drill her with full, powerful strokes, smacking her ass a couple times as she grunts and groans sharply. After a couple more adjustments, she seems just not to be able to get into the right position.

Pulling off of you, she faces you, panting, “I want it from the front.” Grabbing your hand, she hurries you out of the kitchen and over to the couch. She sits on the edge of the cushion with her legs open, and tells you, “do me like this!” As you position yourself on your knees ready for re-entry, she cusses, “shit, hold on, hold on a sec,” and gets up and runs off to the kitchen. Returning with two dish towels, she puts one on the couch and sits on it. “There we go, okay, do me like this!”

You laugh, “always thinking, even in the heat of the moment!” You appreciate her protecting the furniture, as you’ve had experiences with soiling the couch and a chair a couple times with your bodily fluids, and it’s a pain in the ass to get out. Before you know it, your dick is back inside her, jabbing her cunt recklessly as her hips thrust to meet yours. You sure do love taking her from behind like you just were a minute ago, but there’s something to be said for this, watching your cock plow into her from the front at the base of her bush while her titties bounce around on her chest.

After fucking for a couple minutes, she is digging at her clitoris with her fingers, making long “mmmmmuuuuuhhhhh” sounds. You hold her tits together while she bounces back and forth, fucking you with vigor. She still can’t seem to get the right position, though, as she adjusts a couple times, sitting up once and lying back further after that. So she stops and pushes at you, making your dick pop out, then stands up and turns you around. Adjusting the towel, she tells you to sit on it, so you do. Climbing on top so that she’s straddling you, it only takes one try for her to position the head of your penis right into her opening and sink all the way down on it completely, letting out a loud “Uuuurrrnnnhhhh!”

Rachel bounces up and down on you, taking you all the way up inside of her time and time again. After a minute of this, she leans forward to wrap her arms around your neck, thrusting her pelvis back and forth, beginning slowly, but increasing the speed and pressure as you swear you feel her vaginal muscles clench around your shaft. “Uuuuhh, there is is!” she announces. “Oh yeah. Oooh, there, yes. Rrrrrmmm, YES!” She rides you, half grinding and half bouncing, and you know she’s found a way to rub her clitoris against something down there. She noisily fucks you, driving you closer and closer to orgasm.

Making unintelligible, sharp, loud, high-pitched noises right into your neck under your ear, she clenches you tighter with her arms and squeezes her legs together against yours. With a few final sporadic pulses while holding her breath, she convulses and shivers, letting her chest full of air out slowly with a long “ooooooooohhhhhhhwwwwwww.” She is still grinding, but rhythmically now, beginning to relax. As she lets go of you with her arms, she looks into your eyes and fucks up and down more, giving your dick a good bit of friction along the length of the shaft. You grab her hips and thrust up into her, getting closer.

“Oh, aahh,” you moan, “oohhh I’m going to cum.”

“MMmm, yessss, Ross, cum inside of me,” Rachel encourages you. “I just came again… your turn now. I want you to do it inside of me.”

You keep fucking as long as you can, grabbing at her hips and ass as you watch her titties bounce in your face and her bush pump up and down on your cock. Tensing up, you give her a few final upward thrusts, and then you feel yourself explode. You relax as you release your semen up into her, holding her as steady as you can with the tip just inside, letting out low “uhh, uhhh, uhh” sounds with each spurt. She lifts her pussy off of you and you both watch as a bit of your cum flows out and drips down. She sits down in your lap, still straddling you, with your cock in between you, glistening with the mixture of your fluids. A couple more streams of semen flow forth from the hole of your dick as it finishes pulsing, dripping onto the skin below your navel. You both smile as you look at the mess you created, her pubic hair, decorated with a blob and a smear of thick cum, snuggled against the glazed balls below your softening coated pecker.

Rachel leans forward and hugs you, and the two of you hold each other like that for a long time while your breathing returns to normal. Finally she separates from you and stands up. “Whoa, looks like you didn’t get it all inside of me!”

“Um, no,” you reply. “I couldn’t help myself. And you know, you went to all the trouble to grab the towel so I couldn’t let it go to waste.” You grab the towel out from under you, wiping it against your balls as you present it to her. “Good thinking!”

“Eww, yeah.”

Rachel grabs it from you and places it wet side up on the floor, then takes the other towel and wipes herself off, then wipes you off a little more before climbing back into your lap. After a few kisses, the two of you fall over, spent, and cuddle into each other, enjoying the feeling of each other’s naked bodies.