Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lolklol...)

Both of you decide that it would be really sexy to have some fun with pastries and whipped cream next. Your girlfriend also suggests that you invite her best friend Monica to come along too.

“Are you sure, baby?” you ask.

“Oh, definitely. She’s so hot and, trust me, freakier than I am,” she replies while snuggling beside you.

A couple of days later, you find yourself sitting on the couch and watching Rachel and Monica put on one of the sexiest shows you’ve ever seen. They’re both dressed in white lingerie and making out with each other. Your girlfriend’s bestie is far curvier than her, you notice as Rachel’s hand squeezes her round ass. You take some flour from the bag in your hand and throw it over them, as you have been doing for some time now. There’s flour all over their bodies — their hands, tummies, asses, legs. It’s beautiful watching them rub this flour all over each other with their tongues in each other’s mouths.

They roll over into a sixty-nine position, with your girlfriend on the bottom, eating out her friend’s pussy by pulling her panties to the side. You grab a cone of chocolate syrup and make your way over to your girlfriend’s face. She grins as she spreads her friend’s fleshy ass cheeks apart, leaving her asshole open. You place the tip of the cone at her anus and squeeze, letting the chocolate spurt into her ass. You both hear a satisfying moan from in front. You stop after a couple of minutes and let her panties slide back into place covering her anus. You just have to wait for a second before she farts — pushing the chocolate out of her ass. It pushes up against her white panties before dripping out and down on to Rachel’s face, who starts greedily licking it all up. You walk around and do the same with Rachel’s ass, except you use whipped cream instead of chocolate. Her friend eats it as it comes out of her ass and spreads it all over her butt.

You make a few rounds like this — filling up their butts and watching them squirt it out. When you’re done, your girlfriend’s face is covered in chocolate and her ass and thighs in whipped cream. Her friend’s face is covered in whipped cream and ass in chocolate. The rest of their bodies are covered in flour. You walk over to Monica’s face and spray some whipped cream along the length of your cock. She eagerly opens her mouth and takes your cock inside while using her tongue to lick the cream off. You grab her head as she gives you an amazingly smooth blowjob. When you’re done fucking her face, you pull out. There’s a string of saliva from her lips to the tip of your dick.

You spray some more whipped cream in your girlfriend’s ass and then start fucking it with your dick. As you hump her hard and fast, her friend opens her mouth and looks at you with expecting eyes. You spray some whipped cream directly on her tongue as she eats it up messily. You smile and then lean in to make out with her as you fuck your girlfriend. The cream tastes amazing on her tongue as you suck it. Wanting to fuck her friend, you pull out of Rachel’s ass and make your way over to the other side. You grab Monica’s much bigger ass, pull her chocolate covered panties to one side and shove your dick in, eliciting a load moan. As you start fucking her anus, you feel Rachel’s tongue and lips on your balls. You spank Monica’s ass hard as she rides you even harder. You’re very close to the edge. You pull out and stand up.

Both of them get up on their knees. As you jerk yourself off, they’re playing with each other’s boobs and French-kissing for you.

“Here it comes!” you groan, and they both open wide.

You shoot the biggest load of your life — covering both of them (face, hair, neck, and tits) in your sperm. As you collapse on the couch again, they start making out with each other, scissoring as they lick your cum off each other’s bodies.