Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

Deciding you really want some hot threesome action, you saunter over to your step-sister who’s still eating Rachel’s mom out. Being naked, your erect dick, still glistening with your girlfriend’s juices, is swinging from side to side as you walk; making you feel strangely powerful.

“Ladies,” you say, trying to make an entrance. “Room for a dick?”

They both start laughing as you grab you pull your step-sister to her feet. You make out with each of the women in turn and caress their asses and fondle their breasts. The older woman’s hand reaches for your dick and she starts stroking it. You feel your step-sister’s hand on your ass — gently caressing it.

“Nice cock, bro,” Amy comments approvingly. Rachel’s mom strokes you harder and nods in agreement.

“How about you ladies stand up against this wall here, and sample this nice cock.”

They grin and follow your instructions. You see the two naked ladies in front of you — each irresistible in her own way. Your step-sister is young, perky, and toned. Your girlfriend’s mom is voluptuous and genuinely beautiful. You pick the latter first. You walk up to her, pull one of her legs up and look straight into her eyes.

“You want to know how I fuck your daughter?”

She nods. Her lips are parted and moist.

“You ever think about it?”

“All the fucking time, now just put — ” Her last sentence is cut short with a gasp as you push your dick into her moist cunt. You keep fucking her and feel her hands around your shoulders, pulling you deeper and closer.

You fuck her hard and good, thinking about all those times you felt lust for her.

“You’re so fucking hot,” you tell her. She just smiles and keeps fucking you. After her first (insane) orgasm, you pull out, kiss her and go to your step-sister.

“No teasing, bro. I’ve been waiting.”

So you’re nice to her and go straight to the fucking. Noticing how light she is, you pick her up, letting her legs wrap around your waist and continue ploughing her against the wall. After she cums, you pull out and ask them to get to their knees. They do so and open their mouths wide, sticking their tongues out.

You jerk off violently and then shoot copiously all over their faces, tongues, and hair. As they make out with each other, you try to figure out how to recover and get ready for the next round.