Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Cuck679...)

“Wanna be my cuck?” asks Rachel.


“It’s just your cock has always been too small for me, Ross. I feel really unsatisfied. Don’t get me wrong — you are good in other areas — like I love it when you tongue fuck my asshole. The bottom line is, I want to fuck someone with a huge cock that can actually fill my tight little pussy.”

Your cock hardens and a small little tent is now visible in your pants. You notice you still haven’t said anything, stuck with the image of your girlfriend impaling herself on a massive cock while you sit in the corner crying, trying to jerk your little willy.

Rachel grabs hold of your two-and-a-half-inch cock and whispers in your ear, “I’ve got a plan for this little thing.” Without taking her hand off your small penis she reaches down into a drawer and pulls out a tiny pink Chasity cage with the word “sissy” carved in the top and a lock with a key. You’re about to protest, when you hear a click and you realize that she has slipped your cock into the cage.

“I’m gonna ring Monica tonight and see if she wants to come round and play. Go sit in the corner on that bean bag and think about how pathetic you are,” Rachel shouts. You do as you’re told, not wanting to upset her.

Rachel then undresses and leaves the room for her bath. “Don’t you dare move or I will have to shove my fat dildo up your sissy hole as a punishment! Yeah, that’s right bitch, I’ve had a huge black dildo ever since I realized how much of a weak pathetic sissy you were.”

You open your mouth in attempt to persuade Rachel not to go through with this whole cuckold thing but she reaches down and grabs her panties and stuffs them in your mouth. “Get a good taste of my dirty panties bitch. Oh, and by the way, I have been really gassy today and I have farted in those panties so many times. Enjoy!” She laughs at you and then leaves.

Around an hour later you wake up, realizing you have been asleep. You feel very drowsy and your vision is blurred. You look up at the huge king-sized bed and see Rachel and her best friend Monica staring down at you, laughing at your shrivelled little penis.

“You told me it was small but I never thought it would be that tiny,” says Monica with a grin.

With Rachel’s panties still in your mouth you can’t speak. Just as you are about to spit them on the floor and leave, you realize that leaving is no longer an option as your legs and feet have been tied in ropes and tape has been placed over your mouth.“

Suddenly about five or six huge black men stumble into your bedroom. “I can’t wait for this!” says the biggest of the men.

“Can’t wait for what?” asks Rachel, squeezing her massive tits together and giving the men a cheeky wink.

The men notice you in the corner and just laugh.

“So boys, me and Monica were hoping to get fucked like sluts, but first we just have to do one thing.” Rachel looks at Monica and gives her a nudge. They both stand and turn away from you. They are wearing short skirts and crop tops. “On the count of three?” says Monica.

You struggle to concentrate on what is actually happening due to these two huge round butts in your face.

“One, two, three!” They both lift their skirts to reveal their cute pink panties and let out two huge stinky farts right on your face. “Sniff that!” says Monica laughing. “Whose was stinkier, slave? laughs Rachel.

They then turn around so that they are looking you in the face and proceed to lift up their skirts again so that the huge group of men can stare all they want. Then they pull down their slutty panties and open their bum cheeks.

Two of the biggest men walk around the bed, rubbing their hands together, and stand behind the two girls. You look on at the girls’ faces as their pussies are stuffed with huge black cock.

“Oh my god, it’s so much bigger and better than your pathetic thing,” cries Rachel.

You sit there, watching your girlfriend and her best friend get pounded with huge cock all night, while you are reduced to fart-sniffing duty.

“You are just toilet paper,” says Monica.

“Yeah, these are real men,” sneers Rachel.

Tears fall from your eyes as pre-cum drips from your limp, pathetic dick.