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(He's Mine!, continued...)

“We should listen to your trainer,” you say, on some level regretting the words coming out of your mouth, “I don’t want to be the thing that holds you back.”

Natalie looks disappointed and lowers her eyes, but nods. Then she looks up quickly as an idea strikes her, and she bites her lip. “My trainer said I shouldn’t cum before the fight,” she says, and then runs her hands around the waistband of your pants, “but she didn’t say anything about you.”

Your eyes widen with delight as she slowly works down your pants and underwear, revealing your cock which is rapidly awakening. “There you are,” says Natalie, with predatory delight, “I’ve missed you. Oh my, haven’t you grown? Come to momma.”

The dirty talk is a little weirder than usual for Natalie, but it seems that her workout has built up an appetite and she wraps her mouth around your cock with a contented moan. You move over to Natalie’s couch and lower yourself down. Natalie’s hair was tied back while she was training, and as you run your hands over her head, you undo the ribbon and her hair tumbles over your thighs.

Natalie takes you in as far as she can and runs her tongue and lips up and down your manhood. You close your eyes and float in an empty sea of pleasure as she continues to tease and please. Was she always this good, or had she gotten better?

Your eyes open again as you realize your time is come and you gasp as you cum inside Natalie’s mouth. She releases your cock and swallows it all, licking her lips after. “My secret magic potion,” she says, “That prissy little bitch doesn’t stand a chance now.”

The fire in her eyes is undimmed desire and you know that if you stay, her resolve — and yours — will crumble and you’ll be all over each other. “Thank you,” you say.

“See you ringside,” she says, and rises to a fighting stance, taking her unresolved sexual tension out on the punching bag. Each blow lands with power and precision. You start to think Kate doesn’t stand a chance.