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(He's Mine!, continued...)

Natalie takes a big drink of water and splashes some over herself to cool down. Knowing that she came out slightly ahead in the first round, she looks pleased with herself. Taking the chance to look out at the crowd, she sees you and wiggles her tight ass in your direction. It’s a fine sight.

For her part, Kate looks rattled. Clearly, the actual fight is not what she expected at all. She sees her opponent flirting with you and scowls, sensing that there is something going on she doesn’t know about. Her expression darkens and you can see she is getting riled up.

At the start of the second round, Kate comes charging out towards Natalie, catching her completely off guard. Kate bears her down to the ground and starts pounding at her furiously. Flustered, Natalie reacts by wrapping her arms around Kate’s neck to hold her too close to punch and wraps her legs around Kate’s waist and squeezes.

But it’s a trap. Your girlfriend has lured your lover into a ground game, which is where she excels. With a feat of strength, Kate gets to her feet just enough to slam Natalie back down on the mat, loosening her grip. Then she is able to grab one of Natalie’s arms and bring it between her legs whilst stretching her legs over Natalie, pinning her in place. A textbook armbar.

Kate applies the pressure and Natalie cries out in pain. The referee steps in to check, but Natalie looks out into the audience. She sees you and tears fill her eyes. She wants to hold on, to break free, to not give up — but Kate has her tight and there’s nothing she can do. Kate twists again and Natalie cries out, the tears turning to sobs as she taps the mat and admits defeat.

The referee calls the match for Kate who looks satisfied with her victory, but not elated. Later, when you meet, it’s not a happy reunion as she accuses you of flirting with Natalie and even of ‘cheating’ with her — and you are unable to lie convincingly. Although she ‘won’, your girlfriend decides she no longer wants you, and you part acrimoniously.

For her part, Natalie is at first reluctant to see you, feeling the shame and humiliation of her loss. With persistence — and help from Clyde — you are permitted to see her and console her. You tell her that she is where your heart lies, and she holds you close. Your choice is made, but even so Natalie is a little more cautious and less adventurous going forward and you wonder at what she has lost.

The End