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(Clip For Sale, continued by Anonymous...)

You decide to take control and, while she is dry humping you, you push her onto her back and climb on top, spinning her round and pushing your lubed dick into her tight asshole.

“I definitely wanted this,” you grunt.

Kimberly can’t move — you’re pushing her face into the bed so it’s all she can do to breathe. You push into her ass as much as you can and pull out again. It’s a very tight hole and it’s milking your cock for all its got.

You can’t believe that you’re anally fucking . She can’t believe it either and starts struggling to get out from under you. Finally she gets her head up off the covers.

“hat the fuck! Get off me!”

You can’t stop now, you are acting on pure lust as you anally fuck her. You figure she’s just acting anyway. You push her head back into the covers and continue to plow into her rear entrance with all the might you can muster.

After a good five minutes of pure bliss you feel the cum building in your balls and figure that it isn’t risky cumming where you are, pulling out would make you cum anyway and start painting her asshole in your white sticky cum. You blast your load into her chute then pull out towards the end, wiping your dick all over her ass and watching cum leak out of her hole.

You let go of her and she immediately jumps up off the bed. “What the fuck! I didn’t say you could fuck my ass!”

“Yeah but this way mum and dad won’t find any evidence and you won’t get pregnant!”

She glares at you as you turn and walk out of the room. Shutting the camera off, you walk back in.

“That was amazing, !”

“You fucking raped my arse! What the fuck were you thinking?”

“Men love anal videos! And your ass is one of the best I’ve seen,” you smile reassuringly. “This video as your debut will make you universally loved immediately, and the added shock only makes it better.”



“Alright then, I guess. But next time warn me! Don’t just take over!”

’She’s planning a next time?’ you think to yourself. “Alright, when is next time then?”

“I guess we could do another one tomorrow, if that works for you? I need to do a few if I want to get popular!” she says, grabbing a wipe to clean your cum.

“Alright then, Kimberly, I’ll see you tomorrow for the second show!”

You can’t wait to get inside that ass again!

The End