Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

You just joke in response “Well, if she gets pregnant, the father will just have to keep the kid.”

The men laugh as your girlfriend shoots you a glare.

Another man invades Rachel’s pussy and pounds it hard, causing her to squeal. Her open mouth is stuffed by another dick, which she promptly sucks. She gyrates her hips over her pussy-fucker’s cock, moaning in what you know to be pleasure. Strangely, a smile seems to form on your lips.

The gangbang goes on for over ten minutes, as some of Rachel’s workmates keep going back for seconds, and one man even takes thirds. After the final fuck and creampie, Rachel is little more than a sperm-covered naked piece of meat lying on the bathroom floor, cum leaking from her overused pussy.

Eight of the men leave, slapping you on the shoulder and thanking you for allowing them to fuck your girlfriend.

“Hey, are you putting this slut up for rent?” one of the two remaining men asks you. “I can pay you for the use of her pussy and mouth.”

Rachel coughs, groans and looks at you. However, you can’t make out her expression because she looks so exhausted from the gangbang.