Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by panq...)

Soon after your saliva-covered cock is fully erect, you pull out of your girlfriend’s mouth and smack her face.

“You want to be throat-fucked like the cock-craving slut you are?” you ask as Rachel trembles in front of you. You slap the sides of her face. “I asked you a question,” you growl. Your horny girlfriend enthusiastically nods.

“Y-yes master,” she says, surprised at how comfortably you fit the role. Rachel continues, “I want your cock so badly master. I want to feel your big hard cock hitting the back of my throat. I want it so badly, master, I want to take every inch like your good little whore!”

You waste no more time. “Stick your tongue out” you order. You resist moaning as you slide yourself in Rachel’s wet mouth. The head of your cock pushes further and further down her throat before she gags and attempts to pull away. Impressively, she manages to almost deep-throat your entire length. You grab a handful of your girlfriend’s hair and start pumping away. “That’s it bitch, just like that,” you mutter.

With mascara streaming down her face, Rachel tries to keep her eyes locked on yours. Strands of drool connect your cock with her mouth and chin, making it especially easy to ram back inside her throat after pulling away. The sight of your messy girlfriend sends you over the edge and you feel your cock getting ready to erupt.

“That’s it baby, just like that, I’m gonna…” you trail off. “I’m gonna cum!”