Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

You slowly open your eyes the next morning after a very good night’s sleep. That late night creampie had not only your balls but your energy drained. You look up at the clock to find it reading noon.

“Fuck!” you exclaim as you remember what today is.

You quickly throw some clothes on and clean up before rushing out into the kitchen. There, you find Rachel chatting with the twins. They notice you enter the kitchen, but don’t say anything as you preoccupy yourself in the background. The cookout is not going as planned, for here you are grabbing cereal in front of your guests. You remember, however, that you haven’t entirely lied. Your meat will soon be cooking inside the twins.

You get your breakfast together and sit at the table with Rachel, across from the twins. You make the awkward eye contact as your girlfriend continues conversing.