Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You go home and return a little before midnight. They have already removed the bikini and the dildos. There is about a gallon of brownish-white liquid in the clear basin they set up under Rachel and you can see her asshole is still dripping. The brownish liquid must be the excrement from her bowels that’s mixed with the cum. Suddenly your girlfriend grunts and she shits out a 10 inch log of shit into the basin. Her asshole is so loose the shit looks like it just fell out. Mark hands her a roll of toilet paper and after she wipes, he directs her to go dump the contents into the toilet.

Rachel obeys and returns after a few minutes with a clean basin. Mark has her lie down on a thick mat with her asshanging over the edge slightly. He pulls out the horse speculum and dilates her to the maximum again. Her belly is still wildly distended even after getting the cum out of her asshole. He reaches in with the tube inserter and a moment later the cum that your girlfriend has been carrying around with her all evening surges out of the tube and into the basin. Mark helps it along by pushing down on her belly. It takes nearly ten minutes but almost all of the gallon and half of cum in her overworked womb is in the basin. Mark then makes her drink all of it, which Rachel seems happy to do. As she finishes drinking the cum she has been carrying around in her uterus for the last eight hours she takes a deep breath and belches loudly. Then she notices you and waves. Mark and Rachel walk out together. Your girlfriend is still completely naked except for the flip-flops she is wearing.

You come back for the rest of the rehearsals this week and it is a lot more of what you saw on Monday. Rachel, and now all of the other women, are pretty much fucked all day long, the men depositing load after load of their virulent cum deep into their pussies, assholes and down their throats. The only thing that changes during the week are there are many more black men fucking the women.

The Friday before the first Monday matinee Mark makes a change to the show schedule, moving all shows to 9am so they can have all day for all of the scenes. They sell the idea to the audience by saying much more material has been added and that the show will run each day for 8-10 hours. That day you count nearly a hundred black men, all of them with gigantic cocks. You watch in horrid fascination as these men fuck the five women from 9am to 5pm, then it seems the men take the women home. You think Mark will take your girlfriend home but Marcus takes her home instead. As they are leaving you hear him say to her, “your pussy will sit on my cock all through the night and into the morning when we have to return.”

You think she might come back for the weekend, but they keep her. You go to the theater the next morning to see Marcus walking in to the play house with Rachel impaled on his cock. Her pussy is dripping his cum. You watch as he walks in to the building and sits down on the stage. Rachel makes no move to pull herself off and just leans her head against his shoulder. Marcus keeps his arm loosely wrapped around her waist. Another male actor walks up and without asking or making any conversation, shoves his cock-balls deep into her asshole and fucks her until he comes inside her.

The rest of the women and the men who took them home enter the building. While waiting for Mark to give directions, the men randomly go up to a woman and fuck her in one of her holes. Finally, after an hour of this waiting and fucking, the building is filled with nearly 150 naked black men. And in walks Mark.

He announces a “free rehearsal day” in which the “actors” can freely fuck in any manner they choose for as long as they want, but they need to be out of the building by sun-up because they need the cleaning crew to get the building ready for the Monday show.

You watch for about eight hours and during that time, Marcus is very possessive of his “cock sleeve” as he calls your girlfriend and never let his cock out of her pussy. Nearly a hundred men fuck her asshole, and you can see it has become swollen with the skin color turned ruby red.

You leave and come back at midnight and the women are all being fucked by at least four men each. Rachel at one point has two cocks in her pussy, one in her asshole, and is jerking and sucking off three more. The other women are in the same boat. When the group of men are done and have deposited their cum Inside the women, another group replaces them. There is never a shortage of cock for the five women.

You fall asleep in the car and wake to the sound of men’s voices. Several groups of men are leaving the theater high-fiving each other and smiling broadly. You walk up to the window where you can see Rachel and the other women being fucked missionary by the last five men. Marcus is fucking Rachel. That man has a thing for her, you are thinking. Everyone finally comes in the women and Mark says, “Okay ladies, you can go home tonight to your boyfriends, but you need to be here Monday morning no later than 7am.”

Marcus keeps fucking your girlfriend who has her eyes closes and is moaning quietly. She appears half asleep. “Yo Mark, I’m keeping this cocksleeve until Monday. Her pussy and her body is out of this world. Gonna keep my cock inside her until the show starts. You cool with that?”

Mark shrugs his shoulders and replies, “Fine with me, just ask her. But make sure she is here by 7am Monday if you keep her.”

“Thanks boss,” Marcus says, then leans down and tells Rachel that she will keep his cock warm all the rest of the weekend with her pussy. She weakly smiles and nods her head at Marcus. He gives her a rough, wet kiss then pulls her up and into his body without removing his cock from her pussy and walks out to his car. He has a gigantic truck and he climbs into the driver’s seat with her pussy still impaled on his cock. You watch them drive away and accept your fate as a self-make cuckold who lost his girlfriend when she turned into a black-cock-craving sex maniac.