Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

In Rachel’s email, she lets you know that John has set up two dozen cameras on remote spread out throughout the house and that the proprietary software of the cameras allows the viewer to pick the cameras they want to view, zoom in and out, pan back and forth as well as up and down. There is even a night vision feature that the viewer can enable with a click of the mouse. Rachel explains that the cameras will be left on all the time like a 24/7 sexting reality show so you can watch them anywhere inside the house at anytime. The only thing the viewer can’t do is turn the system on remotely. They have to be granted access through a link, and if the main power is shut off, viewer lose access and will need to be granted access again.

It is wonderful technology, which will hopefully give the three of you some amazing video angles for the streaming sexting videos. In your mind, it seems the viewer (you) has the best seat in the house, “but who’s really counting anyway?” you snicker to yourself.

You play around with the controls for a while to your delight, zooming in and panning around, marveling at the crispness of the excellent cameras John set up and the ultra high def set-up of your new computer. As you play around, you see two figures entering the living room. You click the camera with the best angle and see that it’s your girlfriend and John. They are talking softly.

“Today was an immense success, Rachel. I couldn’t have done it without you. You were masterful with that rep and had him in the palm of your hand from the very beginning. Thank you. You just tripled this company’s revenue.”

“I was just doing my job, John. I was glad to do it.”

“Rachel, you did much more than just your job today. How can I thank you?”

“Well, there’s just this one little thing…”

“Name it. If it’s within my power, I’ll gladly make it happen for you!”

“I want you to put your big cock inside my pussy and fuck me hard!”

“Wha… what?”

“I want you to fuck my brains out, John. Ross’s cock is average and never really did much for me, but yours is magnificent. It’s larger than anything I’ve ever seen on any other man in person or on video!”

John is very quiet for a couple of minutes.

“Okay Rachel… I did just promise anything…”

John slowly moves toward Rachel, enveloping her in his arms. They begin to kiss and you get to watch in high def. The kissing starts lightly then develops into something more serious. John and Rachel slowly strip each other and after a few minutes they are standing naked, pawing at each other in a pretty serious way. You watch in intense fascination as your girlfriend and her boss go to the ground and start rolling around. John suddenly pins her to the ground by grabbing her wrists and pulling them up over her head and resting his body on hers. He starts to rub his body up and down her body and Rachel pulls her knees up to give John access. Moments later, John aims his massive cock and begins to push into your girlfriend’s tight and vulnerable pussy, bareback. He pushes into her until his balls are resting on her asshole.

“John, I’m not on any birth control… can you put on a condom?”

“Sure. Just give me a minute. Your pussy feels incredible around my cock…”

John doesn’t make any move to remove his cock from her pussy and Rachel does nothing to make him. He rocks back and forth with his cock buried inside her for nearly an entire minute. He then pulls out of her, and reaching onto the side table, produces a condom. John opens it and rolls it on himself. Even through the camera you can tell it is woefully inadequate. He unrolls it over his massive cock and struggles to get it on. He really should have been using a magnum XL.

John finally gets it rolled on and it is very tight around his shaft. There is barely any room left in the reservoir tip because the condom is so stretched and, even fully unrolled, it only covers half of his shaft. You’ve seen it before, but it’s still amazing to think that the same condom that is loose and has a couple inches of rubber to go on you is so tight and small on John.

John reinserts his cock into your girlfriend’s pussy. When his cock is deeper than the length of the condom it looks like he isn’t wearing anything. Even when he starts to pump his cock in and out of your girlfriend, the entire length of the condom-clad cock remains inside her.

“Oh my god, John… oh my god… your cock!”

“Take it, Rachel… take this cock deep inside you!”

Within several minutes John starts to grunt loudly and his pumping becomes more desperate. Rachel is moaning louder as well, building up to a huge orgasm. One of the cameras allows you to zoom in very close so you can see John’s cock pumping in and out of your girlfriend’s pussy from behind them.

“Aaarrgghh!” screams John as he starts to cum.

“Uughhh… Uughh!!” groans Rachel in response to John’s erupting cock inside her.

Your zoomed camera view shows John’s cock all but buried inside Rachel’s pussy and you can’t see any of the condom you know is on him. Logically your brain can make sense of his condom sheathed in rubber, but your eyes deceive you. All you can see is Rachel’s pussy lips wrapped around the bare skin of the base of John’s cock as it twitches and pumps it’s sperm-filled jism inside your girlfriend. With each twitch of John’s cock your own cock comes closer to erupting.

You boil over when Rachel grabs John’s ass and pulls his cock deeper into her.

“Oh John… I can feel your massive load inside me… it feels so hot!”

Your cock erupts in torrential jets. Your vision blurs as you finish cumming, and you haven’t even touched yourself yet. When your mind and your vision clears you are still zoomed in on Rachel’s pussy. John’s cock is still embedded inside her balls-deep.

“Fuck me again, John…”

“Let me get a new condom on.”

John pulls his cock out of Rachel. The condom is there, but the tip of it is completely opaque due to the massive load inside it. John’s cum has been pushed up toward the ring at the bottom of the condom but it appeared to have maintained its seal… mostly due to the fact that it is so tight around John’s shaft. He carefully unrolls the condom and ties it off loosely, which you think is a bit odd.

No matter how carefully you remove a condom, there is always some cum you leave behind on the cock. You are able to zoom in on John’s cock and you can see there are thick strips of thick white cum all over the front half. As he rolls on the second condom, the tightness of it pushes some of that cum along the shaft so it rests in the space around the bottom ring of the condom and the skin of John’s cock. There is so much that it looks like caulk.

“Did you get another condom on, John?”

“Yeah. It was easier this time because my cum helped lubricate the inside of the condom.”

“Oh good. Please fuck me again. I need your cock back inside me. Especially the back half of you where I can feel the skin on your shaft. It makes me so hot, and I’m ready for more!”

“Whatever you want tonight, you’ll get it, Rachel. You deserve everything I can give you!”

With that comment, John starts to push his condom-clad cock back into your girlfriend’s eagerly awaiting pussy. You watch in electric anticipation for the moment when John’s cock and his cum will enter her. You make a logical assumption that Rachel doesn’t know, and John is too engrossed with the act that he doesn’t realize, that he is potentially going to inseminate your girlfriend in a few seconds. You leak some precum that drips down to the carpet.

John’s cock reaches the halfway point where the bottom ring of the condom is caulked with his cum. You see him pause and stare at it for a second, then he looks back at the camera and winks before pushing the rest of the way into your girlfriend’s pussy. So he knows! It blows your mind that your girlfriend was just secretly inseminated with her boss’s cum, and you reach for your straining cock. It’s such a little amount that most likely nothing will happen, but the risk is definitely there! It only takes the touch of your hand as you grab it before you erupt and spurt jet after jet of your own cum onto the carpet between your legs.

When your senses return, John is busily pumping his cock in and out of your girlfriend… both of them grunting and breathing heavily. John rolls them over and now Rachel is riding him, her ass bobbing up and down on his massive pole.

“Rachel, I’m cumming!”

When your girlfriend hears John say that, she pushes her pussy down hard and wiggles her hips as John blasts his second load of cum into the condom tightly wrapped around his cock. Even though you saw it before and know he has a condom on, you’re still totally turned on by seeing his bare shaft inside your girlfriend’s pussy.

Rachel leans down and rests her body on John’s, leaning her head in to kiss him. It’s a tender kiss and it lasts for a few minutes with John’s cock still deep inside your girlfriend. His cock is almost balls-deep and still mostly hard. You know there’s a condom on him, but at this very moment it is filled with a large load of thick white cum. Rachel doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to get off John’s cock.

She finally does pull off and it seems her pussy rolled the ring of the condom back up as she was pulling off him. By the time her pussy has reached the head of his cock, the ring is resting against the crown of his cockhead. The tip of the condom and part of John’s cockhead is still inside Rachel’ pussy.

Amazingly, your girlfriend’s pussy is gripping the tip of the condom so tightly, the condom is in danger of being pulled off John’s cock.

You lean forward in anticipation of the condom being pulled off and his massive load of cum gushing out of the condom, but John reaches over with his hand and holds the condom in place. It stretches a bit, making your cock go hard again, but snaps back down onto John as her pussy loses its grip. The amount of cum that is inside the condom was incredible. John loosely ties this condom off and grabs another one.

“Ready for round three Rachel?”

“Yaasss… please! I love your cock!”