Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

“Hot damn, Rachel!” you hear Brian exclaim as the door slams closed. “You looked amazing down in the bar, but now, I can’t believe your boyfriend left you looking like this!”

“I know,” your girlfriend replies with a pout in her voice. “I can’t believe it either. I sure hope you can help me show him what he’s missing. How do you want me?”

“Oh, I’m sure I can help with that. And as for how I want you, how about naked wrapped around me?” he asks.

“You’re so bad!” Rachel laughs and you hear a slap. “I meant how do you want me to pose and where for the photos we talked about!”

You can tell Rachel is laying it on thick with the false innocence, but you’re not sure how fooled Brian is. You can’t be sure as his tone sounds normal as he starts giving your girlfriend directions on how and where to stand. “How about we start with a frontal shot with one arm over your head and a hip popped out? Yes just like that. Okay, now spread your legs and lean forward, showing off your breasts. Perfect! Now turn around to face the other way, and lean forward more, looking around your legs to the left, good, hold that right there. Now, on the bed, on all fours with… great, just like that! Now hold still, let me get a close up, perfect!”

After a several more minutes of these kind of directions your heart skips a beat as you hear “Okay, now I want you to undo the clasp on your bra and slowly remove it.”

“Like this?” you hear your girlfriend ask.

“Yes, now hold still, okay, a little more, hold still again, okay now push them together.”

You hear Rachel say something, but can’t make out what.

“No, not like that,” Brian tells her. “No, here, let me show you what I mean.”

You hear your girlfriend gasp and realize he must be doing a ‘hands on’ demonstration, and this time you do hear Rachel respond, “Isn’t that basically what I did?”

“Not quite,” Brian tells her, “feel what I’m doing with my hands?”

“Yes, I can feel it,” Rachel replies breathlessly.

“That’s what you were supposed to do. Here, why don’t I set the camera on a timer, and I’ll stand behind you and hold your breasts, and then you can see how the picture looks after. I’ll even take my shirt and pants off so we match in the picture.”

You can hear Rachel moaning gently, then giggle. “Brian! You must be really happy helping me to take these pictures! Either that or you brought a baseball bat into the room when I wasn’t looking!”

“Well, I am definitely enjoying helping you Rachel, and I didn’t bring anything into the room, that’s just me. I’m guessing from your surprise that you’re not used to something this big?” he replies, and you hear a gentle moan from your girlfriend.

“Oh, no, not this big,” she giggles again. “It feels like a monster energy can between my cheeks, even with you pulling me so tight against you.”

“Okay, these photos are done, let’s do another set, here, kneel upright on the bed and spread your legs,” Brian tells her. “Now slide a finger down the front of your panties and move it to the side just a little.”

“How is this?” Rachel asks.

“Hmm, that’s not quite right again. Let me show you when I mean,” Brian says thoughtfully.

You hear Rachel gasp and moan and your mind races, wondering just what he’s doing to her.

After a couple of minutes of Rachel moaning and her breathing becoming audibly heavy, you hear Brian giving her more instructions. “That’s still not quite what I’m looking for, let me reset the camera for another set. Stay there just like that. Okay, I’m going to take this off now so you can use my cock as a prop for these photos. You’re going to straddle it between your legs so your pussy is sliding back and forth along the shaft for this next part.”

“Oh my god, that’s huge!” I’ve never seen one that big, not even in porn! It’s bigger than my boyfriend’s forearm!“ Rachel exclaims, and you feel your stomach drop, even as your heart pounds with excitement, knowing that your girlfriend is faking this innocent routine and has every intention of fucking Brian’s enormous cock.

“I’m guessing your boyfriend’s isn’t big?” he asks.

“Not even close,” you hear Rachel say, with genuine shock in her voice.

“Alright, are you ready? Go ahead and straddle it, right, just like that. Now try rocking your hips, so that you slide back and forth without lifting up, good, just like that,” Brian tells Rachel, and you hear her breathing heavily in short gasps.

“Are you sure this is going to show my boyfriend what he’s missing? How are the still photos going to show him how my pussy is sliding like this?” she asks between gasps.

“Hmm, you’re right.” He pauses and then suggests, “Let me switch it to record short video clips. Okay, that’s ready. Now open your legs a little more, great. Now I’m going to slide back and forth in time with your movements so we can make sure the motion is caught in the video.”

After several moments where all you can hear is Rachel’s heavy breathing and moans, you hear her cry out in surprise. “Aah, the head of your cock started to go up inside me! It hurt when it started pushing up on the string of my lingerie.”

“Well, we don’t want that,” Brian says, managing to genuinely sound concerned, “so let’s go ahead and take your lingerie bottoms off. And while we’re at it, why don’t you turn to the side and face the window and go down on all fours. Great, that’s perfect, right there. Now since this is at a different angle we’re going to change how we’re moving so the motion capture is better. I’m going to slide the head of my cock up and down against your pussy, while you rock back and forth.”

After only a couple seconds your girlfriend starts moaning getting louder by the minute. After a few minutes, you hear a long gasp, then you hear Rachel shriek, and you realize she just came, and came hard. “The head just went inside me! It only went in a couple inches, but it stretched me so much I came so hard! I thought you were just going to rub against the outside!” she exclaims, although her protest sounds pretty weak with the breathless smile in her voice.

“It was an accident, but it’s okay, we’ll just have to do it a little harder and faster to make sure we avoid another accident,” Brian reassures her. The moaning resumes seconds later, then another shriek, with your girlfriend crying out as she comes a second time. “It went inside again, even further this time! I don’t think going harder and faster helped!”

You can’t help but roll your eyes at that one, you know Rachel is just playing dumb but that was just over the top.

“Hmm, we don’t want to stretch your pussy too much for your boyfriend. Alright, let’s do this. You hold still and I’ll slowly push my cock inside you so you don’t get stretched out too fast. In fact, let’s move the camera over here so it gets a really good close up, we want to make sure he knows what he’s missing with these pictures and videos. Okay, are you ready?” Brian asks, not sounding apologetic for what he is about to do to your girlfriend’s pussy at all.

“Are you sure it’s safe? I don’t have any condoms, and I’m off of birth control since my boyfriend and I are trying to have a baby,” Rachel says meekly, as if she’s actually falling for Brian’s obviously fake concern.

“Well, if that’s the case we’ll be very careful, to make sure there aren’t any accidents,” Brian says reassuringly, then asks her, “did you plan on trying this weekend?”

“Yes, we did, the tracker I use said tomorrow is my ovulation day, so tonight and tomorrow are the days I’m most likely to get pregnant. That’s why I was so disappointed that he had to leave for work, I was going to get knocked up tonight,” Rachel answers.

You think Brian sounds a little too cheerful as he starts giving your girlfriend suggestions again. “That’s just too bad. Hey, let me switch the camera to constant recording instead of motion capture clips, that will really show him everything he’s missing, and I’m sure he’ll be more attentive next time you are trying to get pregnant.”

“Oh, you think so? That would be wonderful. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can try again!” Rachel replies, sounding too cheerful herself.

“Well, you might need to wait a while. After all, if he left you tonight, you need to make sure you’re both really ready to try, that could take nine months or so,” he tells her, sounding completely serious.

Rachel acts oblivious to what Brian is insinuating. “You really think it could take that long?” she asks sounding concerned. “I’m sure glad you’re here Brian, I don’t think I would have known needed to wait so long to try again with my boyfriend to get pregnant.”

You hear a gentle slapping sound and from Rachel’s giggle realize he must have patted her ass to reassure her. “Oh I’m happy to help. Now let’s get this video rolling and begin.”

You can hear Rachel moan, then grunt, then she starts yelling loudly enough that you hurry to turn down the volume on your headphones.

“Oh my God! Oh my God, ohmygodohmygodohmygod, oh my god! It’s so big, Brian! It’s stretching me so much!”

Brian’s voice sounds a bit different this time, as he tells her he’s only halfway in.

You can’t believe what you’re hearing. Your girlfriend has never been that loud with you even balls-deep, and he’s only halfway? She shrieks, and you can hear her breath coming in ragged gasps. “Okay,” Brian grunts, “you’re really tight, but you’re about two thirds of the way down. Only six more inches!”

Rachel is making shuddering, gasping groans, pleasurable sounds that you never thought you would hear her make, but otherwise seems speechless.

“I’m all in!” Brian says roughly.

“It feels like it’s all the way up in my uterus!” Rachel cries out, leaving you speechless with your mouth hanging open.

“It’s alright, give it a moment to get used to it, then we can start moving,” Brian says.

“Oh, god,” Rachel mutters, and then from the sounds she’s making you figure that Brian must have started fucking her. You’re stunned as she is shrieking hoarsely continuously, near as you can tell in one long constant orgasm. You didn’t even know that was possible for that to happen to her.

As you listen to your girlfriend get the hardest, and probably best, fucking of her life, from a stranger she met in the bar only hours ago, you can’t help it and run to the public restroom to jerk your cock. The sounds change as you start jerking off, with her making a more staccato hoarse grunt in combination with the shrieking, followed by a short pause as Brian asks, “Wow, have you ever squirted like that before?” Rachel must have only shook her head in reply as Brian asks, “Have you ever squirted at all before? No again, huh? Okay let’s keep going.”

You stop jerking off in shock as you hear what just happened. What comes next leaves you in shock, your cock deflating as you sit there motionless.

You hear a loud slapping sound, and Rachel scream “Jesus, Mary and oh my god!” followed by groans from both of them. After a minute, Rachel asks, “Did you just come inside me?

“I’m sorry, I got caught up in the moment and forgot, it was an accident,” Brian says apologetically. “Here, we’ll stop the recording and take a break to let you clean up, and if you want I can send everything to your boyfriend so he can see what he missed.”

“Okay,” Rachel says, sounding more worn out than after her last Zumba marathon.