Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

In the first skit Rachel is tied up, spread eagle on the bed, completely naked with a gag in her mouth. She looks like she is crying and screaming for help. John enters the room naked and slowly walks up to your girlfriend. Her performance is very convincing as she squirms, growls, screams and pulls at her restraints. You can see her wrists and ankles are starting to turn red. She is screaming so hard her face is beet-red and the veins in her throat are beginning to bulge.

John moves within a few inches of your girlfriend’s twisting and bucking body, staring down at it. It looks like he’s soaking in her beauty, trying to drain it with his intense eyes. His hand reaches out and rests on her heaving boob. John’s big hand covers her entire breast and you can see the skin around the edge of her breast turn white as John squeezes her.

“Mmmmppphhhhhh!” screams Rachel, in an apparent effort to stop John from groping her. His hand relaxes and turning his body, John brings both of his hands into play. The first hand begins to slide down across her chest and across her tight stomach. The other roams her upper body and face. His hand runs through her thin, wispy golden hair, matted down with sweat from her exertions. The hair across her forehead is stuck to her skin, the remainder of her hair is a disheveled mess, and it looks wet. John grabs a handful of her hair and pulls, jerking her head back. You can hear Rachel grunt as her head is pulled by her hair.

John’s other hand continues to slide down across her downy golden pubic hair, her pubic bone looking very pronounced, like a little hill. John takes his time, rubbing and pulling on her small tuft of hair, each time pulling up a bunch and making the skin pull up also like a small tent.

After a few minutes of playing around with her golden pubes, John slides his thick fingers across her tiny slit. A slit that is literally dripping in excitement and anticipation of being penetrated. This is the only thing Rachel can’t hide with her superb acting.

John’s middle finger pushes into her, making her squirm even more if that was even possible. John pushes in another, then a third, roughly finger fucking Rachel to an orgasm. It is so rough it makes you flinch, but your cock is rock hard and leaks some cum. Her rough treatment by John is making you harder than you thought.

John still has a tight grip on a large lock of your girlfriend’s hair and he’s pulling at her so hard you begin to worry she’s gonna lose her hair. You can see tears falling down across her face.

John repositions himself between her legs and positions his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He climbs up her body, his massive cock pushing against the entrance to her pussy at first, then being dragged across her golden haired pubic mound and then her lithe body, leaving a thick trail of precum on the hair and skin. John pulls at the gag, which turns out to be one of her sheer lace underwear.

“Let me go! Don’t touch me!” Rachel screams and growls.

John ignores her and begins to kiss and lick his way down her body, paying especially attention to her perky breasts and rock-hard nipples. John straightens up and once again lines up his cock at the entrance to your girlfriend’s golden haired pussy.

“Please no! I’ve never been unfaithful to my boyfriend! He’s a good man! Please! Please no. I’m not even on any birth control!” Rachel sobs and tears fall from her face. “Please don’t do this!”

John again says nothing, but takes a firm grip of Rachel’s strong athletic hips to hold her bucking body still, then pushes into your girlfriend’s pussy steadily until he is balls deep inside her. He holds himself there for a few seconds, then begins to pound away with long hard strokes that rock her body.

“Nngghh, nngghhh, aaahhhhh, nooooo!”

The pounding rocks the entire bed, and it seems like John is trying to pound your tiny girlfriend’s body and pussy through the mattress. Within a few short minutes, John’s cock strokes into her abused pussy become faster and faster, eventually becoming a near blur. Rachel is moaning like a banshee, one constant groan punctuated by louder grunts when John’s cock bottoms out inside her, his cockhead pounding away at the entrance to her womb as his pubic bone smashes against hers.

“Aaaarrrgghhhh!” screams John, pushes in one final time, then fills your girlfriend’s fertile pussy with his load.

Rachel is turning her head from side to side, muttering incoherently, “No, no, not inside, don’t want baby, no…”

The video ends.