Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Hearing the deep disappointment in Mike’s voice, John holds up his hand. “Let me make a suggestion.”

He walks over to his employee and puts his hand on her shoulder. “It’s not like Rachel and I are blushing teenagers. And you said there isn’t any actual intercourse involved in the shoot, right? What do you think, Rachel? You think you could do the shoot, even if it is with me?”

Rachel looks up at her boss, whom she admires more than anyone else in the world including her parents and her boyfriend, the person whom she worked with very closely everyday, the person who frequently made her wet her panties unknowingly when he came very close to her so that she had to have a couple of spares in her handbag always, and the person whom she’s had a deep crush on ever since she started working for him.

She smiles as she remembers how John had “nurtured her and allowed her to grow and blossom as a professional.” It occurs to her how glad she is to see him. Then she feels a deep sense of peace and then a rising excitement in her head, heart and her loins.

She smiles. “What in the world are you doing posing for pictures like these? I thought you were in a very happy marriage?”

John responds with a bashful but very interested look in his eyes as he looks her up and down. “I am. I just thought it would be a hoot to do something like this. I love my wife but our sex life has been very dull since our third child and I needed something to liven me up. I also thought I might get to see a beautiful woman who was not my wife and get to see her naked without cheating and making things emotionally messy.” He grins.

Rachel has never experienced John looking her up and down like he did a moment ago… it was so… obviously sexual it took her by surprise how much she liked it.

Josephine clears her throat. “This is nice and all, you guys getting to process each other’s sexual lives, but we have this problem. John doesn’t seem to think it’s a big problem. And we rented all this stuff, so of course we’d like to proceed. Rachel, you never answered John’s question. What do you think about going on with the shoot?”

Rachel flushes a deep crimson, but forces another smile. “Well, I guess it couldn’t be any safer. And, like John said, we’re not children or even horny teens… I guess I could give it a try.”

The feeling of tension in the room goes away pretty quickly. Rather than let them think about it, Mike and Josephine begin briefing them on the order in which photographs would be taken, how long some poses would have to be held, and other information that made the session seem impersonal.

Eventually, though, it is time for the models to disrobe. Mike hands John and Rachel robes. “We don’t have an actual changing room, but since the poses are all naked it didn’t seem important.”

There is another surge of tension as John and Rachel begin shedding their clothing. Neither of them look at each other and both put on their robes before they can see the other naked.

Josephine leads them to a couch and tells them to sit down. “We need to let your bodies get rid of marks caused by bra straps, elastic in underwear, that sort of thing. We originally thought that the models could get to know each other a little bit while that happened. Why don’t you two just process whatever you need to process while Mike and I get the equipment ready.”

She moves off and they begin making things ready for the shoot.