Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel knew her beautiful Asian boss had just filled her orgasming vagina full of his sperm filled cum. She could still feel his wet warmth inside her belly. She knew she should be angry and very worried. Angry at him for putting his penis inside her, angry with him for filling her with his seed, and angry with him for making her be unfaithful to her boyfriend. She considered herself to be virtuous and strictly loyal to her husband and God.

Rachel was also very worried she would get pregnant because she very strongly opposed any kind of birth control, especially abortion. She felt abortion was akin to murder and harborred very strong feelings against it… no matter the reason. A life was a life.

These thoughts were drifting through Rachel’s mind while her faithful vagina was impaled balls-deep on her Asian boss’s gigantic foot-long cock, a massive amount of his sperm filled cum swirling around her cervix, which was still twitching on and off and making her shudder when Mark called to her, “Rachel, Rachel… , Rachel!”

“Wha… what?” Rachel stirred from the trance-like state she was in, as she looked around and realized she was being spoken to.

“It’s time for you to get off John and start the next sex scene with him.” Mark said dryly. Apparently he didn’t have very much patience for waiting.

“Can I get a little cleaned up first?” Rachel asked as she pulled her vagina off John’s massive cock and a gush of his thick and viscous cum poured out of her body.

“No Rachel. This next scene is a continuation of the current sex scene so we are transitioning right into it,” Mark said impatiently.

Rachel knew that too, but was hoping she could wash out some of John’s sperm from inside her soaked vagina before moving on. But being the obedient and loyal woman she is, she only said, “Okay Mark. Let’s start the next scene.”

“Okay… now John, you leave your cum just where it dropped onto your belly from inside Rachel’s pussy and stand up so it oozes down to your balls. When you see that happening, I want you, Rachel, to come over, say your lines, then get on your knees in front of him and lick him clean. Then it escalates into a full blowjob, then sex again. Any questions?” Mark said very matter of factly. And the tone of his voice clearly meant there should be no questions.

“I got it Mark,” John said easily.

“Okay. Mark. You’re the director,” said Rachel as she slithered over to John like she read in the script. She began to lick his belly where his cum dropped out of her and landed. Rachel had never tasted a man’s ejaculate before. It was slimy on her tongue, and tasted a bit salty and sweet. Rachel thought to herself that it didn’t taste bad at all. In fact, she decided it tasted good. Rachel also decided that if it came from John’s body, it couldn’t be bad for her, so she went about licking his skin clean of all the cum.

When she got to his massive testicles, she paused for a moment. Staring at them. They were so big she thought. They looked like they might be like five or six times larger than yours. And they were hanging down in their sac like a pair of tangerines in a sac of skin. His testicles were covered in a thick downy layer of pubic hair that went up around the base of his equally large and thick penis. It was saturated in the cum that had dropped down his belly.

Rachel fought through her conservative core values and leaned into his testicles and licked them. There was a slight saltiness to the skin, and his pubic hair tickled her chin and mouth. A few more licks and Rachel decided she liked licking John’s testicles too. She closes her eyes and imagined what it might be like if she were married to John instead of you. It made the idea of her licking his salty cum covered testicles clean more enjoyable and sensuous. Without knowing she was doing it Rachel began to moan with pleasure.

“That’s really great Rachel… I can tell your character really loves licking a man’s hairy cum-covered balls. Now move over to his cock and lick that clean as well. As you clean, your character should begin to suck him into her mouth and start blowing him,” Mark complimented and instructed.

Without answering, Rachel seamlessly transitioned her licking efforts to John’s now rock-hard penis. Rachel started at the base and tasted quite a bit of his cum. Delighted at getting to taste his savory cum again Rachel involuntarily let out a squeal of delight and moaned louder as she licked.

She worked her way up to the tip of his penis, eventually sucking his entire glans into her mouth. Rachel clamped her lips down around the crown of his huge glans and sucked hard. In her mind, she imagined her mouth sucking out more of his yummy cum from deep inside his testicles, his penis acting as the straw. She could feel her cheeks hollow in from the suction.

“Oh my god Rachel… you are a natural cock sucker! That’s awesome! Keep doing that on John’s cock! But do more! Suck more of his penis into your mouth.” Mark delighted in giving her the next set of instructions.

John rested one of his strong hands on her head, making it look as if he was guiding her movements, but it was all coming from Rachel. Being the obedient woman, Rachel pushed her mouth deeper onto John’s massive penis. She gagged after getting nearly six inches of him into her mouth, but only for a moment, and only because she had pushed her mouth onto him faster than she realized, the tip of his penis pushing against the back of her throat. It made her tribal tramp stamp tingle, making her vaginal lips twitch.

Rachel could feel her lips stretched tightly around John’s massive shaft. She had never put this much of anything into her mouth before, but having John’s penis deep inside her mouth, stretching her mouth open and making her jaws extend to its limits actually felt great to her. Her mouth began to drool thick frothy saliva from the corners but Rachel didn’t mind. She just kept sucking as hard as she could. She felt very good when John moaned in response to her increased sucking.