Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Not that I don’t believe you babe… but I want to hear it directly from Monica. I want to hear her ask both of us together for you to go over to their house and sexually service Jamie while they make sexy-talk with each other over a video call…” you say, feeling very threatened.

“I can arrange that honey,” Rachel responds and video-calls Monica immediately.

“Hey girlfriend! What’s up?” Monica’s face pops up on your girlfriend’s phone.

“Ross just wants to hear from you directly about me helping you and Jamie,” Rachel responds.

“Oh Ross… I really hope you’re okay with this! I feel just so bad that I’m not here for Jamie’s birthday and wanted to do something special for him… will you let Rachel do this just this time?” Monica pleads.

“But for Rachel to let Jamie use her body for sex?” you ask, feeling even more intimidated and threatened.

“Uummmm… I hadn’t asked Rachel for sex but that sounds even better. Jamie like sex much more than head… and it’s not really going to be like that, Ross. Jamie and I will be getting it on through the phone and he will be ”doing it“ to me, but through Rachel’s body. We pretty much have the same bodies so it won’t feel very different for Jamie and he can get all the sensations of actually doing it with me,” Monica explains.

You think about it carefully and understand the concept. “It’s a very cool concept but this is my girlfriend we’re talking about. And with my best friend!”

Rachel had been quiet this whole time. And as the conversation switched from her giving her best friend’s husband a blow job to giving him sex. Rachel was shocked Ross was even entertaining the idea of her having sex with his best friend.

Not knowing what your reaction would be, she had kept quiet and listened but she felt a surge of guilt, then loyalty for her best friend. The feeling of guilt was so powerful it distorted and squashed her anxiety about having another man’s penis in her vagina.

This guilt that drove all of your girlfriend’s motivations and behaviors overpowered her logical brain that tried to tell her this was a bad, bad idea. That it could ruin her relationship and break apart her family. Rachel wasn’t even consciously aware of where the conversation had gone, but she became aware suddenly and heard her best friend trying to convince you by saying, “Yeah… but it couldn’t be any safer for all of us for this kind of thing with just the four of us involved…”

“What do you mean four of us?” you ask, not comprehending, nor aware that your beautiful girlfriend who was asking to have an affair with your best friend was having a massive psychological struggle.

“Well, Rachel has a business trip coming up soon for her boss John, and while she’s away I offered to do the same for you and Rachel…” Monica explains..

“Really? Are we to become swingers now?” you ask as your mood lightens up.

The ladies notice the change in mood and Monica responds, “Not real swingers Ross, just friends helping friends when the spouses are away. It could be something that happens from time to time… whattaya say?”

You were pretty flustered before but thinking about getting your cock into Monica’s pussy sounds pretty damn good. You’ve always had a thing for redheads and often wondered if Monica’s bush matches the hair on her head. The prospect of being able to confirm in a couple weeks makes your cock twitch.

Covering up your crotch as inconspicuously as possible you act like you’re in deep thought before answering, “Okay… I guess we can try it… but-”

$ cuts you off before you can finish. “Yes! Thank you Ross! This is going to be great! Jamie is going to be so surprised! Love it! Can you be ready on Saturday night Rachel?” she asks excitedly.

“Yes, of course Monica. It’s fitting for us to do it on his actual birthday,” Rachel says nervously and sounding a bit reluctant.

“Oh thank you both so much. Gotta go. Talk to you soon!” Monica says and hangs up.

Rachel’s world had turned completely upside down two weeks ago when she had to reluctantly agree to help Monica with pleasing Jamie, because Monica had found out Rachel had been having deep feelings for her boss John and had actually kissed him.

Seeing an opportunity to play out one of her own sexual fantasies, Monica decided to take advantage of her oldest and dearest friend who seemed to be struggling with her desire to have an extramarital affair with her boss, and remain a loyal and obedient girlfriend to you. Monica promised to keep it secret from you if Rachel agreed to suck Jamie off while she was talking dirty with him over the phone. Rachel was shocked but had no choice but to agree.

Before this call, Rachel thought she was just going to lend out her mouth to her best friend, but now the two couples were going to become regular swingers! Rachel’s guilt for her feelings about John and the tender kiss they shared, was quickly overshadowed by her sudden and intense anxiety about the future of her family and friends. Rachel’s stomach was roiling, her spine tingling with electricity.

Wiping the sweat from her palms, Rachel turns to you and asks in a serious tone, “Ross, are you sure about this? I mean it was just supposed to be me sucking him off with him not even looking at me so it would have been like Monica was blowing him but this is…”

Feeling the possibility of your cock deep inside Monica’s fiery pussy become threatened by your girlfriend, you become annoyed and snap at her, “What the fuck Rachel? Wasn’t this all your idea? Weren’t you so happy to lend out your mouth so my best friend could shove his cock down your throat and get his rocks off?! And now that I’m involved you’re not so sure about all this? Why didn’t you say something before? You’re gonna make us look like assholes…”

You stare at your girlfriend whose blonde hair seemed to deflate a little if that was even possible for straight-haired women. Her pink lips open and you’re pretty sure she is going to say something smart as she always does. Instead, Rachel says, “I’m sorry… you’re right Ross. I won’t complain again.”

Feeling a sense of relief and excitement coursing through your body you say, “Good Rachel, it’s really important you keep your promise to Monica.”

You watch as Rachel’s cheeks flush a deep red and her body squirms.