Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You watch in amazement as Rachel moves her stretched pussy up and down on John’s massive cock. Rachel has her hands on John’s shoulders to steady herself and gain some leverage so she can ride him, but because the chair John is sitting on is so big, Rachel’s legs are in an awkward position so she can only move up and down slowly and with great effort. John offers to help.

“Oh fuck Rachel… your pussy is damn tight, but it doesn’t seem fair to you…”

Whoever is doing the camera work is doing a great job because they are moving up and down and around her body so you can see Rachel’s face and every other part of her body clearly… and it is clear she is struggling to maintain her riding John’s cock from the way sweat is beading up on her skin.

“What isn’t fair John… ?” Rachel manages to say as she gulps air from holing her body in position on John’s lap as she lowers and raises her pussy on John’s cock by her tippy toes.

“The chair I’m sitting on is not giving you a fair chance at proving me wrong. And I want this to be fair. How about I lay on the floor so you can be more comfortable and get a greater range of motion?” John offers magnanimously.

Rachel pulls her pussy off of John’s huge cock and steps back. Her legs are shaking and she staggers a bit almost falling. Dan is there in a flash to help steady her, his rock hard cock pressing against your girlfriend’s ass as he does.

Rachel has enough spunk left in her to say, “Thanks Dan… but you’ll have to wait your turn big boy… it’s still John’s turn to be proved wrong!”

She walks over to John who is laying on the floor on his back holding his proud flag pole straight up. It is shiny with her juices.

“Don’t think this changes anything John! I’m still going to fuck the cum out of your big balls using only my pussy!” Your lovely girlfriend says as she lowers her crotch down into position.

“I still think you’re gonna lose steam and get too tired to finish me off!” John goads her.

Rachel places her knees on either side of his hips, and slides her pussy down hard and fast on his diamond hard cock.

“Damn this huge cock is splitting me in half!” Rachel grunts when her tightly stretched pussy lips reach the base of his cock. Rachel just sits there for a minute… a full minute… which felt like forever.

“Give up Rachel? Looks like you can’t handle the cock…” John provokes her.

Rachel leans forward, places her hands on John’s chest and begins to slide her pussy back and forth on his shaft.

Ten minutes later, Rachel is again sweating from every pore as she continues to ride John, who seems to have immunity against Rachel’s tight little pussy.

“Damn you and your big cock John!” Rachel says as she sinks down on him and starts gulping air. Her body shakes and shivers as she experiences a huge orgasm. Again the camera work is excellent and you can see Rachel’s pussy rapidly gripping and squeezing his cock as she cums.

John’s face is a grimace of concentration as he does deep breathing to stave off his orgasm.

“Oh fuck Rachel… I’m cumming!” John shouts, reaches down and pulls his cock out of her still spasming pussy to spray jet after jet of thick white cum all over your girlfriend’s lower back. The triangular tribal tramp stamp you made her get a few years back gets completely covered by the massive load.

“Hah! You lose John!” Rachel says proudly.

“You win Rachel… your tight little pussy beat my cock… but remember… you still have Paul and Dan’s to beat!”