Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by TastiestLeader...)

You have Monica pinned down as your whisper in her ear, “Give me the best blow-job of my life and maybe I won’t fuck your ass.”

She tries to wiggle out from under you, and after a couple of feeble attempts she nods and replies, “Promise?”

“No promises, I said maybe. Now I will let you get on your knees and take off your shirt. I want to see those tits as you suck me.” You tell her that if she tries to escape you will fuck her ass for certain.

You stand over Monica as she slowly rises to her knees. She looks up at you as if for approval as she stretches the tight workout shirt up past her small boobs and then off completely.

You unzip your pants and let them drop to your ankles. Your cock has grown hard in anticipation. Her eyes widen and her mouth forms a devilish grin.

“Well my forest nymph,” you say, looking down at your prize. “Open your slut mouth, and suck my cock alrea…”

Before you can finish commanding your new conquest, the head of your impressive manhood is slamming the back of her throat. She deep-throats you wildly as you feel your rigid prick slipping through her tight lips and over her wet tongue. She cups your balls and strokes your cock hard and fast. If you don’t make her stop, or at least slow down, you will cum very soon!