Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

It’s been amazing watching your girlfriend having her tits fondled by some strange guy on a dance floor, but you’re not sure it’s cool if a second guy is groping at her pussy! Anyway, there is no way that things will get totally out of control — those guys are just having a little fun, surely? They know she’s with you — hell, she grabbed your crotch in front of them!

You head back to the bar deciding that they can have their fun with your girlfriend while you grab a much-needed whisky to calm your nerves.

Looking over your shoulder you’re relieved to see Rachel still on the dance floor, and better yet the two guys aren’t close enough now to be doing anything. Looking carefully, it seems like your girlfriend is talking to them, but try as you might, your lip reading skills aren’t good enough to make out what is being said.

“What’ll it be dude?” asks the bartender.

“Whiskey. Make it a double!” you reply, reluctantly turning to face him. As he prepares your drink you look back, but the crowd in the line behind you has now obscured your view of Rachel. You hurriedly hand over the cash, grab your whiskey, and push your way back to the edge of the dance floor, eyes scanning for Rachel. Getting a little nervous you gulp down your whiskey and squeeze through the people on the dance floor, looking for your girlfriend or the two guys she was with.

Feeling the whiskey work its magic, you begin to relax and realize that you’re looking on the wrong side! Making an about-face, you head in the right direction, but still can’t see Rachel!

In your haste you stumble over something. Looking down you see it’s a high-heeled pump, and you bend to pick it up. It’s Rachel’s — you’d recognize it anywhere after watching the bouncer feel her legs up at the door not half an hour ago! Chuckling to yourself, you think about how Rachel always laughs at “those girls” who end up walking home barefoot at the end of the night, and how you’ll make her eat her words tomorrow morning.

Spotting the other shoe you quickly push your way through the throng of dancers, pick it up, and lean against the wall, looking around for your girlfriend.