Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

Someone opens the door and approaches you: a tall woman with short brown hair, smartly dressed in charcoal gray pants and a white blouse with a wide collar that overlaps the lapels of her burgundy jacket.

“Hi Rachel, nice to see you!” Her greeting includes a big smile and an element of high-pitched excitement.

Girls, you think to yourself, as Rachel walks more quickly out a few steps ahead of you. While they exchange a hug, you can’t help but think she looks familiar, like you have met before. Rachel introduces you saying that indeed you have met, years before at a friend’s wedding reception.

“Yes, Connie,” you say and shake her hand. “And you two did the art classes a couple years ago too, right?” You remember Rachel mentioning her before.

Rachel finally kind of tells you what this is about. “Connie here is in real estate, and she’s going to show us this house.”

“Oh, really? Okay.” You think it might not be appropriate to waste her time like this, but there’s no way to pull Rachel aside and ask her what she’s thinking, because there is obviously something she’s not telling you.

The three of you go inside, and you notice it’s furnished, not empty. Connie explains a little bit. “The owners are long gone, but they aren’t selling it furnished. They have some stuff moved out and the rest of it is staged. They figure spending money or rental furniture will be worth it because an empty house doesn’t usually get as good a price.” Why the hell would a realtor tell you that, you wonder? She must know you’re not really potential buyers.

As you walk around some, you enter the dining room with Rachel. Out of earshot, you ask her casually, “So, did your rich uncle die and leave you five million dollars you’re not telling me about?”

She looks at you seriously. “Ten million.” You laugh nervously, and she gives you an ‘I-got-you’ look.

“What are you two giggling about?” Connie comes in through the kitchen.

“Okay, Ross, here’s the deal,” Rachel says. “Connie here is just doing a favor for us for fun. It is for sale and she’s the realtor, but she knows we’re not buying. She wanted to show me a house like this and I thought it would be fun to look at it with you. Think of it like a quick stop at a museum or something before a nice romantic dinner.” Turning to Connie, she asks her, “Did I tell you he was taking me to a nice romantic dinner?” She grabs your hand and pulls close to you. “My sweet boyfriend here is taking me on a romantic date tonight.” She bats her eyelashes at you.

“Yes, you told me,” Connie replies. “Twice. I threw up both times.” The two of them laugh, and you start to feel more relaxed.

“Who says we’re not buying?” you ask. “I think it’s great, just the perfect little place for the two of us. I’ll be right back — I’m going to get my checkbook….” They appreciate your humor, the ice is broken, and you’re not so damn confused any more.

You feel better about this now, and the from the small talk you gather that they know each other better than you realized. They were friends from college and the art classes more recently were a chance to reconnect. So you don’t feel bad about wasting her time — she actually is enjoying showing you two around, from what you can tell.

Rachel’s flirting from the car has carried over to inside. The two of you walk from room to room while the realtor has disappeared somewhere. She kisses you a couple times, wonders aloud what it would be like to live in a place like this, pats you on the butt, and hangs on your arm quite a bit. You like it, but it’s kind of uncomfortable in someone else’s house with someone else around. You wonder… there’s still an hour until your dinner reservation, and it’s maybe a fifteen minute drive… does she have this set up for some kind of fantasy playtime? You start thinking: what if the realtor has to go, and tells you that you can stay and the door will lock behind you when you’re finished, leaving you two to have sex in here in a fantasy-like environment? If this is where tonight is going… well, you might be late for dinner!