Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

After spending a couple of minutes attending to your candy-covered cock with her mouth, Ivana kisses and licks up your body, climbing as she goes, lips arriving at yours after stopping to bite your nipples briefly. Her mouth tastes and smells faintly of cherry. Her painted nipples brush your chest, almost tickling, as they hang down while she straddles you. She gives you a stunning view of those nipples, and also her dark crimson bush, as she sits up on you, straddling you, beginning to rub her pussy on your stiff dick. She grinds forward and back a few times, firmly, letting out some moans as she runs her fingers over you, teasing your skin with her nails. You return the favor, even though it’s not the same with your short nails, scratching at her with your fingertips, making sure not to be gentle, but not painful either. Her moans and sighs increase as your scratching increases. When you get to her breasts, your scratching turns just to pushing and grabbing, your fingertips feeling all around the undersides and outsides of her tits. They are very soft, and you like the way they fall back down heavily each time you push them up and let them go.

When you begin to cover her tits with your hands and massage them and squeeze them together, she seems to be done with the foreplay. She raises her crotch off of yours, pushes on the base of your dick to point it straight up, and wastes no time lowering herself right down onto it. After a couple of adjustments up and down, you feel the full weight of her body on yours, as your cock is now buried all the way inside her eager vagina. Completely filled, she lets out another loud moan. Fingernails digging into your chest while you grope hers, she rides you with massive yet slow movements up and down and backward and forward, your dick sliding fully into and almost fully out of her. Long strokes massage your cock all the way down its full length as she grinds into you. Moving your hands to her ass, you thrust upward into her, your movements increasing as she sighs and groans loudly. You are suddenly very aware that you are passionately fucking another woman, whose identity you don’t know, right in front of your girlfriend!

You scratch at Ivana’s ass and legs as she pumps up and down on you, even sliding your fingers into the top of the boots she’s still wearing to massage her calves. After just a couple minutes of fucking, you feel like you’re going to cum if you don’t stop, so you try something different to stop the pace. You sit up and hold your arms around her back, your lower body keeping still, as you kiss and lick at her neck. Bending her backward, her legs pop out behind you as her head leans back so that her tits are right in your face. With your dick still inside her and her crotch crushed against yours but no longer moving, you attack her nipples with your tongue and lips. While you roughly lick and suck, Ivana moans loudly and shortly, almost like low-pitched squeals. As the coating of her nipples softens, apparently with the warmth and wetness, a mixture of cinnamon and cherry flavorrs fill your mouth.

“Mmmm, bite,” she says. When you continue to lick and suck, she says more firmly, “Bite!” Oh, that was an instruction to you? You obey, softly grabbing the flesh of her breast with your teeth. Her moan-squeals intensify as you nibble, so you decide to clamp down harder, biting around her tits as you continue to suck and lick, even pulling on a nipple a few times between your clenched teeth. Not wanting to completely suck off all of the candy coating, but rather save some for later, you make sure you suck and bite on the flesh all around, not just the nipples. Your grinding continues a little bit as the two of you writhe together, so you have to separate to prevent you from just exploding inside of her any second.

Ivana hangs on tightly as you stand up, with your cock still fully stuffed up inside her cunt. You turn around and lean forward, dumping her off you and onto the bed, where she lies on her back motionless, her boot-clad legs spread wide open. You have a gloriously explicit view right up into her center, partially open labia adorned by the stunning mass of thick dark red pubic hair. You kind of surprise yourself by not waiting and teasing, but you can’t help yourself, within seconds lowering your face right onto her pussy, lips and tongue meeting the wet folds of flesh between her legs. The scent is powerful, an intoxicating mixture of cherry and sex, and the subtle cherry flavorr returns as you dig your tongue into her treasure, the scented/flavorred condom having left behind a delightful residue.

While you lick your tongue up and down Ivana’s labia, you reach up and grab her tits again, squeezing the soft mounds fairly hard while probing your tongue inside her twat, making her moan out loud. You refrain from actually biting her pussy lips, but you are in a biting mood, so you sink your teeth into her inner thighs in between licks. You realize you have moved your fingers to her nipples, and her fingers work with yours, as if she were guiding you to start pinching. So you pinch and pull at her nipples, and she responds by making louder noises. You also realize that your pinching and her moaning has encouraged you to eat her out more vigorously, your tongue trying to crush her clitoris, your head moving back and forth aggressively while her hips buck and legs twitch. Her noisiness subsides and she relaxes, and you wonder if she just came, but she still holds herself to your face without withdrawing, so you go at it for a couple more minutes, pleasuring her orally and manually, before releasing her tits and using your hands to help down below. It drives you wild, and her too judging by her moans and movements, to open her up with your fingers, spreading her labia wide to examine and probe the glistening pink fleshy vaginal opening nestled inside the garden of dyed coarse pubic hair.