Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

Connie sets down the clothes on the empty chair and begins to lay them out neatly. Rachel gets up to interrupt her. “No… let me do that. You go… have some fun!” She waves in your direction.

“Awww, thanks!” They give each other a “mwahh” kiss at each other’s cheeks. Which of course makes images of them grinding their naked crotches together flash through your mind. You are sitting on the edge of the futon, and Connie approaches you, giving you a pleasing view of her bare tits and pretty pubic hair. Turning to Rachel, she says, “oh, and, thanks for… this!” She puts her hands behind your neck and looks down at you. “Okay, where were we?”

“Um, right here, I think!” you reply, caressing her ass with one hand and palming a breast with the other. While she bends down for some kisses, you see Rachel laying out your clothes neatly, hanging your shirt and Connie’s blouse over the chair, folding both pairs of pants and laying them over the railing of the deck, along with her jacket, presumably so that they don’t get wrinkled by staying all bunched up. The boxers, bra, and panties just get thrown on the table.

After some kisses, Connie pushes at your shoulders as she did before, and you allow yourself to be pushed all the way back till you are lying down, face up, your fully-erect dick hovering above your navel. She grabs it slowly but deliberately, clenching her fingers all the way around it firmly just below the head, and points it straight up. “Ooooo,” she purrs as she and Rachel look at each other, smiling. “Oh, yeah!”

Still standing, but bent over you, she relaxes her grip and moves her hand up and down your shaft slowly, pausing to pinch the head slightly with each stroke before sliding it all the way down to your balls. Then she holds it still and grabs at the head with the fingers of her other hand. You lie back and close your eyes with an “ahhhh…”, enjoying the sensual handjob. Feeling something wet after a minute, you open your eyes in time to see a thin drool of saliva connecting her mouth to your dick, just before her lips cut it off so that it falls into her fist. She works the slick spit up and down, faster and clenching harder. “Oh, wwwwoooowwww….” you moan. When it dries up a bit, she drools another thin stream to keep it wet for a while longer.

After a couple minutes more of jerking you off, she stands up and pulls on your legs, and with your help, draws you closer to the edge. Then she walks to the chair again, grabbing a cushion and returning to kneel on it between your legs. She jerks you off slowly, licking her lips a couple times, looking into your eyes. She then bends your penis toward her, opens her mouth, and, without breaking eye contact, plants her lips gently over the shaft about halfway down. Drawing her lips back slowly, the tip pops out with a little smacking sound. She smiles at you, and you smile back. “Oh, woooowww.” She repeats her clamping and gentle sucking and releasing a few times, and then begins to glide her mouth back and forth on your cock while keeping it inside. Her fingers keep the base by your balls stimulated and keep pulling on it to keep it up and toward her. You feel more intense suction as she continues, her tongue massaging the sensitive underside. Her lips don’t break their seal for quite some time, and you hear and feel her breathing through her nose.

She takes her head away and straightens up, still kneeling. “Wheeeewww,” she sighs, catching her breath for a second. She tosses her head and shoulders around to get herself relaxed, and her pointy-nippled titties bounce delightfully.

“Wowwww, that’s… amazing.” you compliment her. Rachel has been behind her this whole time, but now comes toward the foot of the futon, leaning against the railing of the deck, so that her view of the action is no longer obscured.

Connie is ready to attend to your dick again, grabbing the tip with her fingers and tilting her head to the side to suck the middle of the shaft. You swear she is looking right at Rachel while she licks and sucks and kisses up and down your cock. She then slurps straight down on the head, sinking deeper and deeper until she has more than half of your dick in her mouth. While her fingers and mouth are wrapped around your dick and her eyes are locked with yours, you run your fingers through her hair, pulling at the strands in front of her ears, caressing the short scruff at the base of her neck, and combing your fingertips through the long mass on top and at the front. “Naughty,” you smile.

“Hmm?” she asks, mouth full of dick.

“Definitely naughty. Your hair. Fun and spunky… but definitely naughty.”

Her pretty hazel eyes smile at you while her dick-filled mouth tries to make some kind of reply. Her head bobs up and down a little faster as she gets into a rhythm, and she takes her hands away so that she’s just using her mouth. Again she keeps her gaze fixed on you, tongue swirling, lips gliding up and down the shaft as her pretty eyes peer at you through the flopping ends of her naughty pixie hair.

As you run your fingers through her hair again, you are aware that your hips are bucking, thrusting up unto her as she sucks on you. And there your girlfriend is, gazing down on you from barely six feet away, watching as you fuck another woman’s mouth.