Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

“I thought you were tired…” Rachel says as you reluctantly remove your lip from hers. You look into your girlfriend’s eyes and all you see is lust. You attack her lips again with yours, breathing heavily as Rachel’s hand reaches down and strokes your erect member.

She stops the kiss and begins kissing your body, slowly moving towards your crotch. She grabs your cock with both hands and begin wanking you, sliding up and down your entire length. She moves in and kisses your cock on the glans, opens her mouth and begins licking it.

You shudder as the tingling pleasure washes over your body and you feel her luscious lips engulf your thick member. She begins sucking on the head of your penis as both her hands continue to slide up and down your shaft. You reach down and grasp her wet hair and hold it in a bunch as she begins sliding more of your cock into her mouth.

One of Rachel’s hands reaches down and gently plays with your balls. She begins sliding your cock in and out of her mouth, coating half the length with her saliva. She looks up and her eyes meet yours. She sees the sparkling flames of lust in your eyes.

You feel empowered. The sight of her kneeling down, as she handles your cock like she is worshipping it, clearly enhances your virility. You begin moving your hips in sync with her sucking rhythm

Having just cum an hour ago, the blowjob is unable to send you off the edge. You lift Rachel up from the floor and begin to kiss her, slowly moving her to the corner of the bathroom. You kneel down and she lifts her left leg as she understands your intention.

You attack your girlfriend’s pussy with your tongue, diving deep into her vagina. Your right thumb begins to rub her clitoris while your left thumb gently prods her rosebud. You hear Rachel moan and squeal as her body begins writhing and rocking. You continue pleasuring her, increasing and decreasing your pace, giving her enough pleasure to keep wanting more but not enough stimulation to set off her orgasm.

“Why did you stop..” asks Rachel, breathing heavily as you stand up.

“Well… time for the climax…” you reply with a smile and give her a quick kiss on the lips. You lift her left thigh with your left arm and your left hand clasps the right cheek of her butt. She wraps her left leg around as you guide your member into her wet slit.

You slowly let your entire length slide in while your right hand fondles her breast. Rachel moans in ecstasy as you begin to pump in and out of her love canal slowly. She closes her eyes and plays with her tits, biting her lower lip.

You grab the right cheek of her ass for leverage and pound into her relentlessly. You bend down slightly and take one of her nipples into your mouth.

“Ummm Ross, yes, yes… uhmm,” Rachel moans as you suck her nipple while you rock your hips, pumping in and out of her pussy.