Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

“Fernanda is right next door, and we know she wants us both,” you say.

“Mmm… sounds good!”

So your girlfriend calls your hot neighbor. “Hey, Fernanda, it’s Rachel next door. So… Ross and I both have gotten the very strong sense you’re… interested in us both. Are we right? We are? I knew it! So then, wanna take that interest and make it a reality? Cause it is definitely mutual, babe… Come on over, the door is unlocked. You won’t need any clothes though. I’ve seen you late at night walking around naked… I can’t wait to taste those tits of yours… Maybe we can start taking those walks together?”

Rachel turns to you. “So, that’ll be two of three naked, what about you? You gonna be the odd one out and have clothes on?”

“You two can undress me, if you like. And I hear her opening the door now. Let’s go greet her properly, shall we?”

Rachel heads out, and you take a detour to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine, and three flutes, before joining the ladies in the living room.

“A little red to help us relax, ladies?”

They both eagerly accept, and soon all three of you are drinking and chatting. Fernanda is curious how it was so obvious that she was interested, she said was trying to be subtle. Soon, you are all laughing, and flirting, and then Rachel starts rubbing one of Fernanda’s arms, and you are on the other side rubbing her other one.

Fernanda’s voice is thick with lust and excitement. “We… we need to take this to the bedroom… or we will fuck here on this couch all night…”

You reply, “we are definitely gonna fuck all night, so let’s do it where we’ll be most comfortable.”

The ladies agree, and you all head to the bedroom, and collapse onto the California King bed, a tangle of groping, exploring limbs. All of you kissing and licking whoever is close by, you don’t even always know who it is, and you don’t care. So long as you are kissing, sucking, licking, groping, fucking…

Several hours later, you are all lying in bed, utterly spent, but utterly blissed out.

You ask Fernanda, “So… that was one of our fantasies, do you have one you’d like to try that we could help with?”