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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

As Rachel slowly lowers her cunt down onto your face she starts to tell you the story of what happened that night. Leon was sitting at a table by himself and beamed a hungry smile at Rachel as she walked in the pub. A couple guys playing pool stopped and watched her walk to Leon’s table, taking in the nearly pornographic outfit your girlfriend was wearing.

Rachel sat down, crossed her arms and said “Well I’m here. What do you want?” Leon’s smile changed as his eyes darkened. “Sir” he said, “What do you want, sir?”

Rachel laughed cruelly. “Fuck off, I’m never calling you sir.”

Leon simply picked up his phone and said, “listen bitch, you do what I say without argument otherwise I send the photo of you and John to your husband. Now take off that fucking bra and go get me a beer. I promise you do what I want tonight and he will never see this photo.”

Rachel gulped, without a bra her tits would be visible. She already wasn’t wearing knickers but the material down there was darker than the top half which was more of a see through nylon material. Not wanting to give Leon any satisfaction, Rachel quickly unclipped the bra and removed it, throwing it on the seat beside him. At the bar Rachel could feel the wetness between her legs. While pissed off at Leon, who she hated even more now, she couldn’t help notice her body was screaming out to be fucked as she was so turned on.

The barman was transfixed by her top and barely lifted his eyes up whilst serving her. Two teens just stood and stared at her, too busy imagining fucking her to even make lewd comments. All three watched her ass as she walked back to the table, only to find that Leon had moved further back into the pub into a corner seat nearer the pool table. As she sat down Leon smiled at her and gently took her hand pulling it towards him. Before she realized she had her hand wrapped around a huge cock. Not so much the length, that was impressive enough, but it’s thickness was unbelievable. Rachel’s fingers couldn’t reach all the way around it. Seeing the disbelief in her eyes Leon said, “you better get on your knees and get me as wet as possible. This thing’s going to hurt you when I fuck you, the wetter I am the easier it will be for you.”

Rachel looked around the bar. While partially hidden, the seating was still exposed, especially to the guys playing pool. Rachel hesitated for a moment then slid to her knees. As soon as she pushed her lips over the top of Leon’s cock, he grabbed the back of her head and forced as much as possible into her mouth. As she tried to struggle free this turned him on more, growing even bigger in her throat. Just as she thought she would pass out he withdrew his cock allowing her precious moments to breathe, then he did it again.

After the first few minutes Rachel got used to the rhythm and, although still suffocating, began to go with it. After what seemed like an age, Leon suddenly pulled his cock fully out, erupting a torrent of spunk all over Rachel’s face, covering her eyes, mouth and streaking into her hair. As she went to wipe it off Leon grabbed her hand, looked down at her and said, “Clear so you can see, but no more.”

Rachel mutely nodded and wiped away the spunk from her eyes and sat down beside Leon. “Wow” came a voice from the pool table. Rachel looked across. The two guys were just looking at her in awe. “Man, your girlfriend is hot,” said the smaller of the two.

Leon smiled. “She’s a slut who loves cock. Tell you what — how about I let the winner fuck her, what do you say?”

Rachel looked at Leon open-mouthed as both players agreed. Leon smiled as he had an idea. “To make it harder for you both though, you have to finish the game within five minutes to get your prize, but if you’re not taking a shot she will be sucking your cock until it’s your turn to play.”

Leon gently pushed Rachel to her feet and got her to sit opposite him. As he made a big show of starting his watch, the bigger of the two men unzipped his cock and sat down beside Rachel.

Rachel grabbed hold of the six-inch cock and started sucking, turned on at her slutty behaviorr. Sucking a strangers cock in front of other people.

The other player took his time but didn’t pot a ball, and as they switched position Rachel noticed the other cock smelled unwashed and was slightly smaller than the first one. Finally, after switching between the two cocks repeatedly, the bigger cock won and approached the table while his friend was still getting sucked off.

“So where do I get to fuck her?” he said with his cock ragingly hard.

Leon nodded at the next booth and the pool player quickly grabbed Rachel off his mate’s cock and pushed her over the next booth seat. He shoved his cock inside of her, and after all the sucking he’d had it didn’t take long for him to erupt inside of her.

Leon looked at him. “Well that wasn’t worth the wait, mate.” Then, looking at the other bloke, “you might as well have a go as well.”

The second guy quickly took the place of the first and thrust his cock inside of Rachel. If he’s concerned or put off by the spunk already inside her, he doesn’t show it.

After a few minutes of frantic fucking he was just about to cum when the barman appeared. “What the fuck is going on?’ he demanded just as the second guy finished. As the barman looked around, the second pool guy quickly pulled out and zipped up, before he and his mate made a quick exit.

“Sorry mate, my girlfriend’s a bit of a slut and needed a fuck. Those guys were just helping out.”

Shocked, the barman looked at Rachel who was dripping cum from her cunt and still had all of Leon’s in her hair and on her face. “Is this right?”

Rachel just bowed her head and nodded slightly.

“I have an office in the back, come with me.”

Leon and Rachel followed the barman into the back room. Once there he unzipped his cock. “Listen, I’m not being funny but I don’t want sloppy seconds. My cock’s not going in that cunt but I’ll take a blow job.”

In resignation, Rachel dropped to her sore knees again and took another cock in her mouth. This one was a solid seven inches and quite big, but after the width of Leon’s Rachel doubted she would ever have one in her mouth that size again. As Rachel sucked and wanked the cock in her mouth, Leon leaned over and said something to the barman.

“Really?” he said. “You’re on!” Abruptly the barman pulled his cock from her mouth, causing Rachel to topple forward on her knees. he caught her and pushed her back up again while moving out of the way.

Confused, Rachel looked up to see Leon a little further away with his cock out again. “Crawl to me and suck me instead.” As soon as Rachel’s mouth touched the tip of his cock, once again he grabbed her head and forced his cock down your girlfriend’s throat. It was still awful but it was less of a shock and she knew she could cope with it. With Leon’s hands firmly holding her head, Rachel quickly became aware of a second pair of hands on her hips, the barman’s.

Suddenly a finger started to trail around her asshole. The wetness of the finger allowed it to penetrate an inch or so. Rachel loved the feeling of her asshole being touched, but anal was never to be as she couldn’t imagine getting a cock inside of her ass. The tip of a finger down to the knuckle was nice but any further was painful. After the first thirty seconds or so the finger removed itself, then came back wetter and harder.

As it tried to force itself further into her, Rachel started to squirm about and tried to release herself from Leon’s grip to tell him to stop. As the finger went down deeper inside of her, Rachel realized Leon wasn’t going to let her go. Suddenly with great relief the finger was removed from her and she felt a wave of pleasure as it exited her.

Panic hit Rachel when the next thing touched her brown hole entrance, as she knew instinctively that it was his cock. His hands were now forcing her cheeks apart and he was probing trying to get it inside her.

“Don’t be gentle, she likes to pretend she’s being raped. Just get it inside of her and fuck her for all she’s worth,” said Leon.

With that, the barman thrust his cock straight into Rachel, deep into her bowels. Rachel tried to scream and move but the hands holding her head and her hips just meant it looked to the barman she was enjoying her fantasy. The barman decided to spare no mercy and pushed himself into the hilt of his cock. Rachel had never felt such pain. It felt like she was being ripped in two, but every time he withdrew slightly the pleasure blew her mind. Each thrust in became less painful and each pull out more blissful.

It came as quite a shock to Rachel when Leon erupted down her throat again, as she was concentrating so much on the anal sensation she had nearly forgotten about the cook in her mouth. As he pulled out he once again covered her face with even more spunk. Amazingly impressive, considering he had cum less than an hour ago. As he withdrew his cock Rachel pushed her body downwards, allowing the barman to get leverage and hammer her asshole even more.

Within a minute of Leon cumming, the barman grabbed Rachel’s hips and frantically released himself deep into her ass. As he withdrew his cock, Leon ordered Rachel to clean him up. Without a word Rachel turned and sucked the barman’s cock for a few minutes, oblivious to the smell and taste of her ass and his cum mixed together.

Finally spent, the barman zipped up his trousers. “Thanks for that, you are a fantastic fuck. Your ass is incredible. Feel free to stay in here or get cleaned up and come and have a drink in the bar.”

Leon looked over to Rachel. “Well a deals a deal. I promised I wouldn’t show your boyfriend the photo of you sucking off John and I won’t.”

Rachel was amazed. “You mean that’s it, I’m free and you won’t tell Ross about it?”

Leon smiled and walked to the door as Rachel felt a wave of relief. She had enjoyed tonight, truth be told, but really only wanted to do it with who she chooses and when with your permission.

Then again, she wouldn’t have chosen anal but she had to admit the intense orgasm she had during it would need to be achieved again. She was scared that Leon had let a man rape her virgin ass and what else would he do.

But now he had set her free.

“See you at work tomorrow,” Leon said as he opened the door. “Oh, and no knickers, as I haven’t had the chance to fuck you yet, but I need to.”

Rachel looked at him puzzled. “But you said you wouldn’t show him the photo. I don’t have to anymore?”

Leon paused, laughed and said, “I said I won’t show him the photo and I won’t. However the video I took on my phone tonight is another matter, goodnight!” He slammed the door as he left.

Rachel looked at her phone. It was ten forty-five pm. She went to find you in the car park and you took her home.

As Rachel retells the story you lick her cunt and ass for all you are worth. Your girlfriend had four men’s spunk in her, excluding you, and there is a lot of mess. Your cock is solid once more. As you bring her to another orgasm you realize that you are more turned on than you have ever been. By the time you get up to face level, Rachel is already fast asleep again. You really can’t wait to find out what happens next.