Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dimletter...)

“Well, there are several guys I fancy and I wanted to fuck some even long before I meet you,” says Rachel. “I don’t want them to use a condom. I know we always use it, but I want to really feel them and let them feel me — it’s not every day that they get to fuck someone else’s girlfriend. Besides, it’s not like I love them or they love me, Ross. At least you know it will be just sex.”

She continues. “For the place, I was thinking in our bed so they can stay all night… maybe even stay for a few days while you care for us and they take your place in bed and showers. They can use your clothes so they can be your hot sex surrogate. You can stay for the love parts. That’s just for starters but I hope you don’t think I am going too far…”