Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You quickly text back: The black dress babe!

Rachel: Interesting choice. You’re really into this hey?

You: Thought I’d get ya to try something different

Rachel: OMG I can tell!!! Gotta go! See ya at 9 tonight xxx

Work is another grind consisting of pointless meetings and report writing. The whole time you’re thinking about tonight and Rachel giving you a private striptease via video link. Still, nothing actually really happened besides a bit of groping, and anyway, knowing your girlfriend sent them off with blue balls gives you a good chuckle. A striptease just for you is the icing on the cake!

Eventually you arrive home, grab some dinner and get ready for Rachel’s call. You decide to use your laptop — watching Rachel on the larger HD screen will be awesome! Besides, having your hands free will be probably be a necessity, you think, as you put a box of tissues and a tube of lube on the coffee table in front of the couch. It’s a few minutes early, but you click on Rachel’s contact and hit “call.”

Rachel answers after a few rings and her beautiful face fills the screen, her bright red lipstick drawing your eyes to her pretty lips like a magnet.

“Hey Ross! You’re a bit early. Gimme a few minutes okay? I’ll leave the call connected, but I’m turning on ‘do not disturb mode’ so we don’t get interrupted. Okay?”

“No worries babe,” you reply “whenever my new found slut of a girlfriend is ready!”

“Well I hope I can live up to your expectations. You’ve set the bar pretty high with the video you chose…” Rachel replies before trailing off. “I’m a tad nervous…”

“You’ll be fine!” you reassure her. “I can’t thank you enough for doing this for me!”

“Thanks Ross. I have a feeling I’ll enjoy myself too! I’ll turn the phone to the rear camera so you get a better view. I won’t be able to see you, which is a bummer, but it’ll help me stay in character though. Sound good? Okay, I gotta go finish getting ready,” says Rachel as the camera view swivels. “See you soon!” she continues as you see her disappear off camera.

Dead on nine PM your girlfriend walks over to the camera, dressed in the LBD and matching heels, winks at you and blows a kiss as she walks off camera. The next thing you see are the guys walking past the camera and disappearing from view as she calls out, “I’ll be right there guys, make yourself at home!”

The camera suddenly moves, and Pudgy’s grinning face fills your screen as he picks up the phone, and fiddles with it. Just as you open your mouth to ask what the fuck is going on, he makes a shushing gesture and puts the phone back down. Your girlfriend comes back into view.

Rachel looks down at you and speaks, “Now for the first act!” and then steadies herself for a second, as though getting into character. She then looks over the camera to the guys and says, “Promise you won’t tell my boyfriend? I want to surprise him with a striptease but I don’t know if I’m any good at it… be honest!”

In chorus, all three reply that they’re happy to help and that they’re sure she will be great.

Your mind reels with confusion. WTF? Oh shit, you suddenly realize you never watched the whole video, and there was a lot more you didn’t see! You had no idea anyone else was in the video either — you had the sound off! Rachel’s “interesting choice” comment suddenly makes sense. You madly grab your phone and start texting.

You: Babe! Wait a sec what are they doing here?

Nothing happens. Damnit! Rachel put the phone on do not disturb mode!! You try calling out, but nothing happens, they don’t even seem to hear you. Then you realize Pudgy must have turned the sound off! There is nothing you can do but watch and listen to the re-enactment of the video you selected.

Some soft dreAmy trance music starts, and your girlfriend begins swaying from side to side. She runs her hands up her legs, fingers splayed, then over her tummy and up to her breasts. She continues up, along her neck, the sides of her face, and finishes by running her hands through her hair. The whole time her hips are swaying invitingly. It’s a perfect reproduction of the start of the video.

Suddenly a voice calls out, “That’s it, Rachel, so sexy! Now show off those legs!”

“Yeah, then slide the top down! Your boyfriend would jizz seeing those orbs in that bra!”

The third quickly cuts in, “But stop there. Ya gotta get his hopes up, but leave him wanting more!”

Rachel leans forward, holds the sides of the skirt and slowly raises it. The lace tops of the stockings come into view, followed by the soft creAmy flesh of her thighs. Then the skirt slowly descends as Rachel lets it go and moves her hands to the shoulder straps of the dress. You’re transfixed, eyes glued to the screen, as your girlfriend slowly slides each shoulder strap down. The guys start whistling and calling out encouragement.

“Oh yeah, that’s so hot!”

“Fuck Rachel, you’re a natural!”

“Yeah, that’s it girl, now lower the front.”

Rachel does. She slowly lowers the top of the dress. The bra comes into view, boobs jiggling as she continues moving to the music.

One of the guys calls out, “That’s the way! Now take the dress off!” This triggers the other two to start chanting, “Take it off, take it off, take it off!”

It suddenly goes quiet as Rachel reaches behind and you swear you can hear the sound of the zipper slowly being undone above the soft music. Rachel returns her hands to the front and slowly turns around as she releases the dress. With a slow sensual wiggle of her hips the dress slips down forming a black puddle at your girlfriend’s feet. The guys go nuts.

“Awww yeah!”


“Bend over girl! Shake that sexy ass!”

Rachel turns to smile over her shoulder as she leans forward resting her hands on her the bed. You stare at the screen as your girlfriend slowly wiggles her ass from side to side, watching her hips dip and sway as she looks back into the camera.

Without thinking you reach down and take your dick out. Just as you reach for the lube, Rachel stops, stands up and turns around. The music stops.

“How was that guys? Do you think my boyfriend will like it?” asks your girlfriend, sitting on the bed half-naked like it’s the most natural thing in the world to do with three guys from work.

“No question. You’re a natural stripper.”

“That was awesome!”

“Yeah, if he doesn’t fuck your brains out after that he’s a soft cock!”

“Oh my God! Don’t talk about Ross like that! I’ll have you know he’s got a solid five and a half inches!” Rachel giggles, “But thanks, you guys are so sweet! And thanks for the pointers!” she continues while reaching back to rub her neck, “I think I overdid it when I did that ‘shake my ass looking over my shoulder’ thing though!”