Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Fjn020...)

“Ehm… actually, I’m going to the beach, see you tonight!”

You run upstairs, get your sports bag filled with sunscreen, your sexy black bikini, a towel to lie on and a towel to dry yourself. You grab a bottle of water and your purse, and rush downstairs.

“Emma, wait up honey, we want you here with us!” screams your mother, but you rush through the door.

After a couple of minutes walking, you get to the bus stop. A couple of guys are looking at you, but you try to ignore them, even when they keep saying things as, “Dayum, that ass would look beautiful riding on my dick,” or “I wouldn’t mind bustin’ into that, she looks like the kind of girl that has been used by tons and still feels tight!”

Luckily the bus arrives, but the trouble has only just begun. You walk in, greet the bus driver and the first thing he says is, “How about you come with me during my break hottie, see you then!” with the most perverted wink ever. You sit down, cross your legs and start reading through Facebook a bit. You can feel your loose top rising up a bit each time there’s just a little gust of wind going through the bus, but you try to ignore it.

After a few minutes, the bus arrives, and everyone starts rushing towards the exits. You’re trapped in a mass of people, and feel your skirt going up and your top being ripped apart, but can’t see who’s to blame.

“Help, I’m being molested here!” you scream, but that only gives the crowd a better idea.