Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

You can’t help it. Something about watching John get humiliated by Monica really turn you on. You take a seat in John’s chair, still out of sight of the camera, and yank down your pants. Your rock hard dick pops out of your boxers, and as you slide them down you began to jerk it.

“Ross! Are you serious?!” Rachel whispers in an intense tone.

“I can’t help it,” you reply. “This is too fucking hot.”

“Well, if you’re gonna get off, at least let me help you,” she responds. Your girlfriend drops to her knees, and begins to lick up and down your shaft. You’re vaguely aware that this is likely the same chair she blew John in, but somehow that only makes it hotter. She doesn’t waste much time, and soon is sucking up and down your cock, almost at the same speed Monica is pounding into John.

“Oh c’mon now,” Monica pipes up. “If you two are gonna do this, at least let me join in.” You look at Rachel, who simply nods her approval as she bobs up and down on your dick. I mean, it’s not like John is going anywhere for a while.

Monica joins Rachel at your feet, and the two begin licking your rod together. It’s a new sensation for you, and it’s a little overwhelming. In a positive way, of course. The girls begin to take turns popping you into their mouths, and your groan in pleasure. Monica sucks cocks as well as your girlfriend, and if anything is a little better. You reach down and pull Rachel’s shirt over her head, and Monica takes the hint. Both girls drop their bras shortly after, and you marvel at the view as you take in Monica’s breasts for the first time. Rachel has her beat in this category, but that doesn’t make them any less impressive. With any luck, you’ll see her other assets by the end of the night.

“Is the camera still rolling?” Rachel asks Monica.

“Yeah,” she responds, handing your cock back to your girlfriend. “But don’t worry. I’ll make sure and edit it afterwards.”

“Well actually, I was planning on giving you more material,” Rachel says as she stands to her feet. “I want to take a few swings at John.” She unclips the strap-on from around Monica’s waist and latches it around her own. Throwing on a shirt, she steps into view of the camera, and within the blink of an eye she has resumed what Monica started. You marvel at the power and ferocity she puts into every stroke, and you’re even more turned on than you’ve been all night. And with her friend expertly sucking away at your dick, you know you don’t have long.