Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by PK...)

As you feel Monica’s body press up against your back, she wraps her arms around you and slowly runs one of her hands down your body and stops just above your pants. “Does this turn you on, Ross?” she says quietly.

You let out a slow breath. “Yes”

She continues down and grabs your cock through your pants. “Is this for me?” she asks seductively. “Don’t think I didn’t notice it while you were touching my body.”.

Her words are like music to your ears as your cock twitches in her hand.

Monica lets out a little giggle as she removes her grip from your cock. She turns around to walk back to the massage table.

You quickly turn around and grab her. You reach your arms around her, placing one hand on her neck, lightly choking her and slowly sliding your other hand down her body between her breasts, over her stomach, stopping just above your waistband of her panties.

She utters three little words. “You wouldn’t dare.”

At that, your fingers slip into her panties and between her legs into her soaking wet pussy, and she let out a little moan in shock and pleasure. You start slowly fingering her pussy, and after a minute she starts to slowly push back into your crotch. You can feel her smooth, round ass press against your cock, which is tingling now more than ever.

Monica reaches back and somehow gets her hand in your pants and around your cock. She works it up and down slowly while pressing her butt back into you. It is almost like she is trying to shove your cock deep into her ass.

“Oh fuck,” she moans.

As you let her go, you watch her lick a little precum off her hand as she turns around to face you. She grabs hold of you and pulls you in for a kiss. You feel her tongue circle and massage yours.

Then she pushes you back against the table and undoes your pants. You let them fall to the floor and kick them to the side as you pull your shirt off. Monica slowly scratches her fingernails down your bare chest as she kneels in front of you.

“Is this what you’ve always wanted, Ross?” she says slowly, looking up at you with her piercing green eyes while rubbing your cock through your boxers. “Do you want to shove your big cock in my mouth?”

“Oh yeah…” you sigh, still not completely believing this is happening.

Your girlfriend’s best friend slowly pulls your boxers down, making your hard throbbing cock pop out like a jack-in-a-box. Her eyes open wide. “Oh wow, Ross, you’re huge” she says, licking her lips.

Monica grabs your cock and starts slowly stroking you still looking you in the eye. “You’ve thought about this for a long time, haven’t you, Ross? I bet you think about me while you fuck Rachel. Or do you just think about me when you cum?”

You just nod.

She slowly licks your cock from the base all the way up to the tip, then circles the tip with her tongue. She slips the head of your cock in her mouth before pulling it out. She does it again. She starts thrusting her head back and forth, taking your cock deeper and deeper into her mouth each time. You grab a handful of her hair and force your cock deeper into her mouth. Finally she gets your cock entirely into her mouth and holds it deep in her throat as she looks up at you. Her eyes begin to water. She finally pulls it out and begins stroking you again.

“Do you like it when I do that?” she asks.

“Fuck yeah,” you say with a slight moan.

Thoughts run back to how your girlfriend has never been able to get your whole cock in her mouth.

Monica keeps stroking your cock. “I’ve been thinking about your cock for a long time now. It was made to be deep inside of me.”

Without saying anything you pick her up and toss her onto the bed. She lies back as you rip her panties right off. You climb over her placing your knees on either side and slowly start kissing her. When she starts kissing you back you pull away to tease her. You watch her as she bites her lip, still staring into your eyes. You move down, biting and sucking on her earlobe. You feel her head tilt back as you go down further, kissing her neck. You keep moving down her body taking her breasts in your hands and squeezing them together. You move down to her stomach, covering her in light kisses. When she finally feels your breath on her pussy she tenses up for a second. You start kissing her inner thigh.

“You’re making me so wet, just do it!” you hear her beg.

You run your tongue up the slit of Monica’s pussy. The taste and smell is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The taste is so sweet and the smell is like fresh flowers. Your cock is harder than ever before.

Your tongue finds her clit as you look up to watch her reaction. She sits up slightly, using her elbows to hold herself up to get a good view of what you’re doing. She squeezes her breasts together while pitching both nipples in between her fingers.

“Oh fuck… you’re really good at that,” she moans.

“You taste soooo fucking good,” you tell her.

“Please Ross, can you please just fuck me right now?” she asks, putting great emphasis on the word fuck.