Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“Honey? It looks like John’s almost finished with me in here, but he’d rather not bump into you when he leaves. We need some milk anyways so could you be a love and pop out to buy some?” Rachel calls out to you as she slowly stands up.

You know that just last night you did the shopping, and there’s plenty of milk, so you guess Rachel just wants you out of the way to maintain the illusion.

“Sure thing! Wouldn’t want to embarrass your boss!” you reply and head back to the other room with the camera.

“Oh, I don’t think John has anything to be embarrassed about. Ha ha, he’s, um, quite well endowed ha ha!” chirps your girlfriend as you reach the door. You’re sure that once again you can hear John stifle a chuckle. You think ‘everyone’s a comedian’ shaking your head as you close the door and sit down to see your girlfriend toweling off her boss, paying extra attention to his cock by giving it a thorough rub down. As they finish up, John closes the door to the ensuite after grabbing his clothes from the laundry hamper. Damn! Now you can’t see or hear anything.

After a few minutes you hear the front door close, and then Rachel’s footsteps approaching.

“John’s gone!” she calls as the door opens. You quickly grab a cushion and casually place it over your lap to hide the cum stains on your pants.

“Ha! John was a bit hesitant at first,” exclaims your girlfriend, “but overall, it went pretty well!”

“Yeah, he got into it alright. A bit rough though? You were gagging a fair bit. I mean, you’ve never done that before, are you okay? Don’t get me wrong, a promotion is great, but was it worth that?”

Rachel smiles and her eyes sparkle. “Not with you anyway! Oops! Did I say that out loud?”

“What the fuck?”

“Just joking honey. Relax. Anyway, I kinda got into it too… knowing I could deepthroat a dick that big. That it was my boss’s dick just added to the fun factor I guess! Looks like your hiding a boner there, so I guess you enjoyed watching”? laughs Rachel as she quickly grabs the cushion from you.

“Oh. My. God! Is that cum on your pants? Did you jerk off?”

There’s nothing you can do, so you just nod your head ‘yes’.

“So I’ll take that as a yes then? Tell me, was it the blowjob in the shower scene that did it? You know I really put in the effort there — I almost drowned! No? Then it must have been my boobs surely?” asks Rachel raising her eyebrows.

Looking down, you simply shake your head ‘no’.

“Hmmm, interesting” muses Rachel, “you made it all the way back here and then jerked off! Impressive staying power, Ross!”

Seeing your face redden, Rachel exclaims “No way! You didn’t even last until we got in the shower? Really? I guess watching your girlfriend blow her boss in the bedroom was too much hey? Go on tell me. Was it the ‘hands free’ part? Or the fact that I was blowing my boss to get a promotion?”

“Both I guess. You know I think you’re the sexiest woman there is.”

“I do. But you just jerked off all over yourself. Watching me deepthroat my boss ‘hands-free’ trying to get a promotion. That’s very, um, honest of you Ross. Thanks.”

With that your girlfriend leans over, grabs your face and kisses you. She hungrily forces her tongue into your mouth and reaches down inside your pants. Releasing your face for a moment, she purrs “Go on Ross, it’s okay. Cum in your pants while your slut girlfriend jerks you off. Picture me on my knees with my hands behind my back in the shower gagging on my boss’s cock as he cums down my throat. God! John came so much I couldn’t keep up and he had to finish unloading over my face and boobs!”

Still jerking you off, Rachel leans in and kisses you again, sucking on your tongue. You can’t take it and explode all over her hand inside your pants. As you slump back in the chair, Rachel smiles at you for a second, then slowly speaks.

“Ross, I have a confession to make. After you left, John admitted that he doesn’t have the authority to give me a promotion. He just went along with it because he liked the idea of having me blow him like some desperate subordinate…”

“Hey? He lied to you? What a prick!”

“Well in his defense he was very regretful, so I wouldn’t say he’s a prick. He’s a good guy really. I was pretty convincing as well. Would you have done any different?” asks Rachel looking down at your crotch.

Feeling the cum soaking through your pants, you look down at the large wet patch forming on your pants.

“So does this mean the whole ‘work slut’ thing was him just getting carried away too?” you ask feeling a little bit of relief. Your girlfriend sucking off her boss is one time one thing, but regular fuck-buddies?

“Probably. He’s a good guy…” Rachel blushes “…but not from my point of view anyway. Sucking was great fun, but a girl needs to get laid. Especially with a cock that size. God! I gotta know what that feels like, Ross! As I said, I’d be happy to be… any kind of slut John wants…” Rachel trails off, looking down at the floor.

“Wow, that’s honest at least I guess,” you stammer, “but you want to do this even though the promotion was a lie?”

“It wasn’t a total lie. John said he never knew I could be this fun. So, all I need to do is get a few more people on side at work. Show them I can be a bit of you know… fun… he said he’d even help out setting things up.”

The relief you felt disappears. “He’ll help you show how ‘fun’ you can be. At work. I guess he really is a good guy, hey?” you reply with more than a little sarcasm.

“Come on Ross. This is a real opportunity! With John’s help we can do this with all sorts of guys if we play our cards right. I get to play the cheating slutty girlfriend and you get to watch. Win-win! If it gets me a promotion, that’d be the icing on the cake!”

As Rachel finishes she leans into you again, pressing her naked flesh against you. Her lips kiss down your neck as she sinks to her knees, unzipping your pants. You inhale deeply and reply…